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 Not Right 
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Post Not Right
Ok, So I have come to the conclusion that something is simply not right with my setup I have worked Hundreds of hours with no exaggeration on trying to get it up to speed. Right now I am currently seeing 52mph downhill. So something is not right. My current setup is as follows, I will try to be as descriptive as possible.

~ Malossi RHQ Crankshaft 10mm
~ Stage 6 MK2 Sport Pro LC
~ Bolt-On Radiator set Yamaha BWS/Zuma 2002-2011
~ Motoforce RACING 12V Electric Water Pump
~ Stage6 Dellorto RACING Black Edition MKII 21mm Carb 50 slow 95 Main, Tried all the way up to 105 on the main jets down to a 92. Needle circlip all the way to the bottom. Tried every possible Air Fuel Mixture Ratio via Air Fuel Screw/ turns out )
~ Polini Gear Set 13/44
~ Malossi Multivar (Tried roller weights 30g - 45g rollers dr pully rollers, normal rollers etc.) Belt not riding all the way up the Face. Used Marker to show how high. Can't seem to get it to go any further up.
Tried every possible mm of Shimming. Currently set at just enough for there to be enough thread left for the nut to screw on after the slightly curved washer. Seems to me that I am having to put more washers on then before. Seems to be that I have to put more washers on pushing it further out then I did a couple weeks ago. Not sure why. Anyways due to this, It seems that the RPM's are far too high for the speeds. Recently tried heavier rollers and still not much luck.
~ Dr. Pulley Clutch & Bell Kit (Red Clutch Springs & No pillow springs)
~ White 1000rpm Motoforce Torque spring (Tried 1000rpm -2000rpm white, black, Red. tried all. 1000rpm seems best)
~ Yasuni C16 Racing (De Restricted. Honda Bond on the Flange for a better seal)
~ Malossi Intake Manifold 22mm
~ Stage6 V-Force3 Reed Valve
~ Massive Open air filter stage 6

Now with this setup and it being Liquid cooled, for me to only get 50mph going downhill does not seem right. Something just seems wrong and I can't figure out what it is. This is the only place that I know of that have people that know what they're talking about in particular with this machine. Not too many people know very much about the little corks in a little things this doesn't like in the things that it does like. So any feedback here would be extremely helpful as I've put my heart sweat and soul into this not to mention at this point I'm embarrassed to say how much I've spent on it trying to get it to go to the speed that I feel is Worthy. But I do feel that above 50 for the current setup considering the time and the money I've put into it, I feel that I should be going faster and there's a lot more power there but for some reason something is preventing it from going. As far as the spark plug goes I got a bunch of the NGK 9hes plugs. when I put a fresh one in pull it out after a ride I will see that the tip is white not too white but from my understanding, it's the white that shows the temperature is too low or not hot enough. It is pretty cold where I'm at. the last few weeks and it's been snowing on and off so it is cold here. I have at times taking duct tape and taped up the radiator so we can get up to temperature but for the most part, the engine and radiator are always cool enough to touch as I do not have a way of monitoring the temperature. most likely it's something really small that's preventing it from going much faster I just can't figure out what that is. And that's the most frustrating part about it. Makes me want to blow it up with dynamite. Strap it to the gas tank in the mountains, light it and run. And never look back.

Anyways I checked for air leaks last night's and found none to speak of anywhere around the carburetor manifold Bolt/stud holes on the cylinder, head around the base. Couldn't find an air leak anywhere. If somebody could give me some insight or any information or anything at all about the liquid-cooled stage 6 MK2 Sport Pro cylinder it would be highly appreciated.

Also, the images are before I made the switch to the Stage 6 along with some other modifications and changes.

IMG_1276_(1)-min[1].JPG [ 833.38 KiB | Viewed 291 times ]

IMG_1273-min[1].JPG [ 928.56 KiB | Viewed 291 times ]

IMG_1271-min[1].JPG [ 884.1 KiB | Viewed 291 times ]

IMG_1266_(1)-min[1].JPG [ 909.7 KiB | Viewed 291 times ]

IMG_1269-min[1].JPG [ 849.96 KiB | Viewed 291 times ]

File comment: Before I installed the MK2 Sport Pro
IMG_1264-min[1].JPG [ 957.8 KiB | Viewed 291 times ]

2004 Yamaha Zuma

~ Malossi RHQ Crankshaft 10mm
~ LC Stage 6 MK2 Racing
~ Bolt-On Radiator Set Yamaha BWS/Zuma 2002-2011
~ Motoforce Racing 12v Water Pump
~ Yasuni C21
~ Polini 24mm Carb | #122 Main Jet | 45 Pilot
~ Polini Gear Set 13/44
~ Malossi Overrange Variator Kit LA Furia Rossa 6x 3.5g rollers
~ Stage 6 Mk2 Clutch/ White contra, red springs engaging @ 7200rpm
~ Stage 6 R/T Clutch Bell
~ Naraku 35mm Intake
~ Stage6 V-Force3 Reed Valve
~ Polini Air Filter (pod/ open)
~ Doppler Racing Shock Absorber (275mm)
~ Shock Riser
~ MVT Digital Direct Ignition @ .35 BTDC
~ NGK BPR8ES Spark plug
~ NYC Quick Throttle
~ LED Headlight Mod
~ Trail Tech Vapor RPM meter
~ Trail Tech Temp gauge

Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:53 pm
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Post Re: Not Right
PIG and JMKJR72 has built a water cooled zumas so I would Pm them if they don't chime in with extremely good results
60 mph plus on both their builds
Until then

Trouble Shoot power first then transmission
Is your set up pushing enough rpms to get the speeds you want ?
10k with those gears would be over 50 ,Your set up should push well over 10k .

When you have it on the stand with the transmission cover off .
What rpm is the clutch engaging and what rpm is is the variator shifting ?
The variator is not maxing out per sharpie test .
Is the right size belt on there ?
Is the rear sheeve hanging up not shifting all the way out?

From what you posted the Variator/clutch/belt sounds like the weak link not shifting up .
Do you have the orginal parts to test against?

2004 Vinos Derestricted exhaust and variator stock carb with mikuni 70 main jet needle down 1 clip 40 mph
Athena Sport BBK waiting to go on

2004 Vino Malossi sport 70cc Malossi Wild Lion pipe malossi multivar 6.5 sliders green polini clutch springs stock carb 75 mikuni main one clip rich 47.5 mph Michelin S1 90/90/10 rear tire Michelin S1 3" x 10 up front

2004 Zuma Malossi sport 70 cc Technigas next r 2008 zuma torque driver polini high speed variator 5.5 grams sliders malossi delta clutch yellow contra yellow clutch springs Stock Carb 84 main jet 46 pilot jet needle 1 clip rich stock athena 14/42 gears 11 to 1 final ratio 56 mph

2005 Eton Beamer (Taiwan Zuma Clone) Airsal sport 70cc 9200 peak rpm top speed 42 77.5 mikuni jet needle 1 clip rich (sold)

Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:29 am
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