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 Temperature light yw50F 
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Post Temperature light yw50F
Hi, I’m a newbie here and just bought a 2013 Zuma 50f. When I drive it about a mile the temperature light comes on. I blew out the dirt from the radiator with the air compressor being careful of the fins. The fan of course works, the coolant looks blue and is oily feeling and only barely off full in the reservoir. I changed the oil then took it for another’s test and it came on again so I took the temperature of the motor and the oil with an infrared gun. 197 F on the motor down by the drain plug and almost that in the oil. I then took the temp of the coolant in the reservoir bottle and it was 93F. Now I’m thinking it is a faulty thermostat or air in the coolant lines or radiator. I’m a recently widowed 52 year old woman that likes to try to figure this stuff out and fix it without bothering my son, plus I’m on a fixed income and can’t afford to take it to a shop unless I have to. I need to know what temperature the motors are suppose to run at. And what else could be causing this light to come on. It has about 6000 Miles on it. And can I just take the thermostat out? Motor still sounds good to me too. Thanks in advance for any help I may get

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Hello STRESSED 1_2

Welcome aboard to Zuma world ! I am a 59 year old woman and on fixed income too. I have 2017 Zuma 125 and its about time to see older ladies like us riding Zuma !!!!!!!!


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Ois Hollande gets taste of love

The media team camped all night outside of the ritzy apartment building, in store for a prominent politician to visit his presumed paramour. The photographer snapped the alleged cheater arriving in the evening and exiting at dawn. Gotcha! inside, it'd be a great stakeout, Maybe ignite a well used sex scandal. But the target this time was in Paris and been the president of France, Francois Hollande. A celebrity magazine called Closer took pictures of him visiting an actress's borrowed apartment less than 500 feet from the presidential palace. He got there on the rear of a moped driven by a security guard, Using a helmet to hide his identification. But sexual intercourse scandal? Mais neo. genuinely is France! The Hollande affair is a country wide talker, But moral outrage is located absent. The web design manager and the first lady, Valerie Trierweiler, Aren't married to begin with. At a news summit Tuesday in Paris, Not one of the hundreds of reporters on hand raised problem of whether Hollande would, talk about, cigarette smoking.

pretty, The correspondents diffidently inquired whether Trierweiler, Hollande's date since 2007, was still being the first lady, Given there's evidently another lady in the mix. Trierweiler checked into a hospital last week after learning Closer would be producing an expose on Hollande's alleged trysts; Her office said she was putting up with shock and needed to rest.

"Everyone in their personal life goes through difficult times, menti one d Hollande, Who has not denied having another girl. "these are painful moments. But I have one balance due. These private matters must be managed privately., This is neither the time nor the destination" to pay it.

someday he will have to address it, even while. He and Trierweiler were invited by the president in November to attend a state dinner honoring France on Feb. 11.

The stakeout scenario has played out much differently inside the, Claiming important political careers in its various mixtures. After the media lay in wait wishing to prove that they had mistresses, Democratic senators Gary Hart in 1987 and John Edwards in 2008 saw their presidential goals consumed by infidelity scandals. A stakeout on Clinton White House mechanic #$%^%$#@@ Morris in 1996, Showing his consorting with a hooker, generated his resignation.

French chief executive Francois Hollande, remain, And his associate Valerie Trierweiler arrive for a state dinner at the Elysee Palace in Paris, potentially 7, 2013. (POOL/REUTERS)

correct now, but, Stakeouts usually involve girls. Some are phony, Set up up-front and orchestrated by publicity agents. The famous people, Particularly reality TV people, Are known to tip off photo agencies about where they can be found shopping or not going about their business, Says barry Levine, Executive editor of the national Enquirer.

"Overall with news administrations, those stakeout, Even orgasm is routine in Hollywood, components real scandal reporting, It's be a lost art, states that Levine. "That's because it takes big profits and a lot of effort and organization to mount these operations,

for more than two months, he explained, The Enquirer staked out the gated community in vermont where Edwards's pregnant mistress, Rielle finder, Was living; Levine was convinced the tabloid had a story that the national media essentially ignored. The Enquirer also staked out the Beverly Hilton Hotel to uncover the clincher photo of Edwards visiting his and Hunter's child.

The more detailed stakeout was risky, Given the chance of armed presidential security officers taking aim at the magazine's sleuths. The photography on the scene, Sebastien Valiela, Said he was surprised by the lack of security. "I think the president is not well protected, He told a French radio community.

"Hats off to the magazine, Levine said of that scoop.

Closer's stakeout appears to be freakish in France, Where several presidents have taken mistresses, With scant rate from the media. The magazine's tactics were not appreciated by either the public or other news organizations.

"Closer broke the rules, reports Laura Haim, White House writer for Canal+I tele, the french TV channel. "the next frontier is the private life. you cannot touch someone's private life,

The gossip magazine's cover story linking the 59 year old web design manager to Julie Gayet, 41, may need actually stirred some support for the hugely unpopular Hollande, Whom many blame for jobless, High taxes and a general economic implosion.

"It's making a mntain of a molehill, documented Peggy Sejourne, 40, Who works for an insurance firm in Paris. "cousin, The real problem is the devolution of the comportment of the press in its dealings with the private lives of politicians,

Some who enjoyed the president's lengthy, real world new year news conference Tuesday said Hollande acquitted himself well. "I think he did a good job by simply refusing to engage in a debate on private matters, Said political scientist Dominique Moisi. "acquire, People were able to listen to his message" On things of state.

in the usa, for decades, A sort of gentleman's agreement kept the press from exposure on the sex lives of presidents or other prominent politicos. But the Hart case symbolized a journalistic crossing of the Rubicon. Amid rumors linking him to a marriage with a Florida woman, Hart pushed reporters to "trail me around" usually, turn out to be it.

The Miami Herald reporters who staked out his property found that he had spent the night with the woman, Donna grain. And the Enquirer obtained a photo to document marrying a ukrainian woman romantic relationship, Showing Rice on Hart's lap on a boat called Monkey little.

"Pictures are the 'gotcha moment' to the general public; Pictures misrepresent facts, promises Levine. "You don't often get an A plus image where the politician and the mistress are staring squarely into the digital camera,

In england, The explosion of social media may eventually overcome journalistic restraint even in a country where privacy is among the most cherished of commodities. political figures can't expect anything to be off limits, Moisi asserted.

"The boundaries between private life and public life have vanished, he said. "A public figure must know that at one point people will know about his private life. And so he can prefer to get discreet or not so discreet, But in any case it will be exposed.

"It's not the best thing or a bad thing. It's inevitable given with time that has taken place,

aren't used. also looming state dinner, A White House official offered this policy Tuesday: "The President looks forward to welcoming President Hollande in February.

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Post russian sexy girls
the mathematics of Love

a section of the TED series: The Mathematics of Love There is no topic that attracts more attention more energy and time and devotion than love. are fond of, Like the majority of things in life, is stuffed with patterns. take delight in, Like most things in life, is full of patterns. And mathematics is ultimately the research into patterns. In her book and TEDxTalk of the same name Dr. Hannah Fry takes the audience on an intriguing journey through the patterns that define our love lives, Tackling one of the most common yet complex questions pertaining to love: What's the danger of us finding love? What's the chance that it'll last? How does dating foreign girls work, only too well? When should you relax? find out how to avoid divorce? When is it right to give up? Can game theory help us decide if to call? From evaluating the best tricks for online dating to defining the nebulous concept of beauty, medical professional. Fry proves with great understanding, Wit and fun that maths is a surprisingly useful tool to barter the complicated, Often confusing, Sometimes infuriating, Always wonderful, behaviors of love.

doctor. Hannah Fry is a math wizzard and complexity scientist from University College London's Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. Her work involves. find out more

medical professional. Hannah Fry is a math wizzard and complexity scientist from University College London's Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. Her work revolves around exploring the patterns in human behavior and applying a mathematical perspective to tackle a wide range of problems across our society. She has a broad portfolio of media and public wedding activities from schools outreach, Math themed operate comedy, YouTube videos and russian girls public lectures like her first TEDx talk which now has over 500,000 views across all TED routes. Fry also regularly presents the Number Hub strand of BBC Worldwide's YouTube channel, Headsqueeze.

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