Choke cable/airbox for 2000/02 Zuma 2 stroke
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Author:  peter.daniel13 [ Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:15 am ]
Post subject:  Choke cable/airbox for 2000/02 Zuma 2 stroke

Hello everyone,

I just recently purchased a zuma 49cc 2-stroke and the model of the scooter is either made in 2002 or 2000.

On the shaft below the handle bars it says 02/2000 so Im assuming it's between that time frame or one or the other.

I've seen a ton of different sites selling choke cables for these, and i've also seen posts on here which say to avoid certain sites. I want to make sure I can get this cable ordered so It will fit the little lever for the choke for your thumb below the left handle. I want to get riding asap and need to have someone direct me to the best parts website.

I just took the moped to a shop where the shop owner used a "master key" to start the moped since there isn't a key for it. She started right up without starter fluid with 2 yr old gas and oil haha. Compression test was good, brakes are good, carb is decently clean, and the shop owner said I made a really really good purchase since these 2-strokes are pretty fast compared to the new models.

So I'm either going to have to get a new key made or buy a new key/lock ignition assembly for it as well. The shop owner quoted me an absolutely ridiculous price of $522+tax to put the all the parts on for me..... I promptly left and I'm doing this myself now. He wouldn't tell me where he orders his parts from since i used his time to check it out.....

For this project I basically need to build a seat, find a working key or a new ignition setup, and get the choke cable/airbox.

The previous owner of the moped "inherited it" when a former tenant left it for dead at his rental house. He assumed it didn't run and proceeded to sell off the air box, seat, rear frame/brake lights, choke cable, engine cover and battery for parts lol. Just because its been sitting outside for 2 years and didn't have a key doesn't mean it doesn't run!!

If you know of any direct links for parts for a 2000-02 zuma, or a parts website which is reliable please let me know! Thanks for the help!!

In summary, Im looking for:

a new choke cable
a new air box and/or clamp on air filter to go on the air intake of the carb.
a replacement key and or ignition for the scooter.

Author:  zino18 [ Tue Nov 27, 2018 6:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Choke cable/airbox for 2000/02 Zuma 2 stroke

Welcome to the forums
That is a 2000 it is a prebug zuma
That is too much for something you can do yourself .
The parts you are looking for are oem .
Here is what I do look up part I need on bike bandit or yamaha warehouse to get a idea of cost and then just order them if they are in reason from my local yamaha dealer.
They have matched prices or come very close with free shipping.
I have bought from zumasrus, drowsports , scooterpartsco ,scootertuning.ca for various aftermarket parts they all have taken very good care of me with multiple orders .
You may be able to get some help from them also on some of those parts .
You also could post on the forums here and ask for the parts .

Author:  leauriarte [ Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Choke cable/airbox for 2000/02 Zuma 2 stroke

wow its really intresting post.

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