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 Oil injection on 70 cc Athena BBK 
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Post Oil injection on 70 cc Athena BBK
Hi this is my first post I have a 2003 Yamaha Zuma 50 and I am installing and Athena aluminum 70 cc Big bore
kit. I am going to re-jet my carburetor from Size 80 main jet to 90 in the star carb. My main concern is do I need to change the oil injection jet or drill it bigger?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:26 pm
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Post Re: Oil injection on 70 cc Athena BBK
No you can run the stock oil pump as is

Getting a big enough carb to flow air and fuel mixture is more important most switch to a 17.5 or a 19mm carb
a alternative is put a trail tech temp gauge and watch it close .
Think of baking a cake 325 is good 375 is getting too hot baking a pizza 400 degrees is terrible

2004 Vinos Derestricted exhaust and variator stock carb with mikuni 70 main jet needle down 1 clip 40 mph
Athena Sport BBK waiting to go on

2004 Vino Malossi sport 70cc Malossi Wild Lion pipe malossi multivar 6.5 sliders green polini clutch springs stock carb 75 mikuni main one clip rich 47.5 mph Michelin S1 90/90/10 rear tire Michelin S1 3" x 10 up front

2004 Zuma Malossi sport 70 cc Technigas next r 2008 zuma torque driver polini high speed variator 5.5 grams sliders malossi delta clutch yellow contra yellow clutch springs Stock Carb 84 main jet 46 pilot jet needle 1 clip rich stock athena 14/42 gears 11 to 1 final ratio 56 mph

2005 Eton Beamer (Taiwan Zuma Clone) Airsal sport 70cc 9200 peak rpm top speed 42 77.5 mikuni jet needle 1 clip rich (sold)

Sun Nov 25, 2018 6:26 pm

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Post sexy russian women
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Post Re: Oil injection on 70 cc Athena BBK
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Post Re: Oil injection on 70 cc Athena BBK
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