Michelin Power Pure SC scooter tires and service manual book
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Author:  zumaseniorlady59 [ Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:52 am ]
Post subject:  Michelin Power Pure SC scooter tires and service manual book

Hello Guys !!

I just put on Michelin Power Pure SC scooter tires on my stock 2017 Zuma 125 last week and boy I was surprised to gain 3 mph in top speed ( 57 to 60 ) yesterday :q: . The OEM Kanda tires seems to limited the speed for some reason or other. The Power Pure tire data on the sidewalls says to cold inflated to 41 pounds but I put in 40 pounds. I guess it sure matters what tires to buy for the Zuma. I am planning to buy BBK 158R soon from RC hoping to gain at least 65 to 70 mph. Where can I purchase the service manual book for the 2015 -2019 Zuma 125 so I can install the BBK and to fully service the bike myself at home. This is my first bike and it has been a very good bike to me. I have about 3250 miles on it so far no problems and I gain lot of trust on the Zuma knowing it will NOT break down in middle of nowhere and leave me hanging to dry as I had cars and trucks breaking down on me and leaving out there with no help thus I don't trust 4 wheelers anymore. I been driving for 38 years and one car I could trust was the 1967 dodge Coronet R/T but my parents hated that car and talked me into getting rid of it because it got about 10 mpg back in 1976 and fast forward to 2018, I can trust the Zuma as it always got me home no matter what!! The Power Pure tires are 120-70-12 front and 130-70-12 rear. Like to hear your Zuma stories so post them here guys....

Senior Zuma Lady

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