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 Image Size & How To Change It 
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Post Re: Image Size & How To Change It

Installed 164 bbk in 2009

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Post Re: Image Size & How To Change It
Swinechild. May my pork be with you.

The Unnamed Zuma build:
Zuma 125
Gretchen's Build:
Metuckus 50cc

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Post Re: Image Size & How To Change It

Installed 164 bbk in 2009

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Post qpid NEtwork
Rooftoptendie u

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Post Image Size How To Change It
i am having similar issue, the discriptions font is super small and hard for customers to read. i cannot find or figure our how to change that font size and or color if i wanted to.

Sat Aug 10, 2019 2:38 am
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Post Re: Image Size & How To Change It
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Post latamDate
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it's range views where it suffered as fresh and live for the customer themselves. In interviews around the actual, a lot of people proponents agreed they wished for wonderful landmarks with a leader Trump even when conjointly on the list of little idea we were looking at set for what. also almost all of them agreed regarding mr. "is actually a trend,

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Post Re: Image Size & How To Change It
Faces of fearless women competing for Ukraine against Russian

all librarian, The turncoat as well as amputee chef: Pictures capture the fearless women who have put their lives at stake to defend Ukraine from pro Russian separatistsUkraine erupted into conflict in 2014, i really hope ouster of Moscow backed President YanukovychWhen the new government aligned itself with the EU, Russia seized Crimea and fomented combat in the eastSome 10,000 women have agreed to help defend Ukraine, Including some who came over from RussiaCzech photography documented their stories, concerning a mother of three from Georgia and an ex librarianBy Chris Pleasance for MailOnline

submitted: 15:24 BST, 15 May 2019 modernized: 17:22 BST, 15 can easily 2019

currently the turncoat, task soldier, our librarian, And the amputee chef meet the women who have put their lives exactly in danger to defend Ukraine from Russian backed rebels.

Remarkable photos from Ukraine's war torn east show the faces of the fearless women who will certainly sacrifice their lives to keep 'aggressors' at bay.

The striking images add a former cook who lost her foot during a bombing raid, A prised Russian combat fighter who inter-changeable sides, And a mother of three pictured beaming at you whilst cradling her assault rifle.

Conflict first arrived in Ukraine in 2014 following a revolution which toppled Moscow backed President Viktor Yanukovych and saw the new government align itself with the european union.

Yulia Tolopa, 22, Is one of it is estimated that 10,000 women who have signed up to help Ukraine fight against Russian backed rebels in the east of the country since conflict began there in 2014

Tolopa is a Russian national and won a championship in hand to hand combat before coming to Ukraine at the start of the war because she didn't believe what her government was saying and wanted to see the situation for herself

A woman ukraine women who hands her name only as Nana, from the ages of 30, Is pictured beyond. She is from Georgia and could be fighting against Russia since her country was invaded in 2008. After war broke out in Ukraine, She stumbled on fight here

Nana's comrades clasp hands above a combat patch that shows the Ukrainian flag split within the Georgian flag, The symbol of her home locale, Which she wears on her standard

Nana is a single mother of three, But was mostly unwilling to discuss her life outside within the armed forces. She was photographed on the front lines by Czech photographerDavid Tesinsky

Yulia Mykytenko, 22, Was not raised for a lifetime of combat, And in fact worked as a librarian prior to signing up to fight because she wanted to defend her homeland and its ideals

Olya Benda served as a cook in one of the military brigades before getting his during a Russian bombardment of the city of Avdeevka. Her wounds were so severe that you had to amputate her leg

Putin, Eager to secure one of Russia's only cold water ports in the fact that was then Ukrainian Crimea, Marched troops down the border and seized the peninsula, Before fomenting a rebellion in ethnically russian eastern provinces.

far more 13,000 experts been killed since then as government forces and pro Russian separatists of the Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic fight for control.

rapidly Minsk ceasefire agreement a notional deal designed to end the war peacefully in 2015 sporadic fighting continues, With the rattle of machine guns and crack of sniper fire now a part of everyday living.

As Ukraine tries to carve out a new identity for itself outside Moscow's sphere of manipulate, rather than 10,000 women have shown interest in help defend its borders.


russian farmer unearths the remains of a 2,000 yr old. Russian TV channel is ridiculed after stamping an. Ukrainian holy moly, 10, Suffers sickening burns after his.

Czech professional photographer David Tesinsky visited the war zone last year to meet the mothers, Daughters and sisters risking life and limb for why it's happening.

'Some of the women I met were only 22 yoa, Many of them had been fighting against Russia since they were 18,' Tesinsky described.

'The tensions in the Donetsk and Luhansk region are very evident and there're regular shootings, asap.

'I met some superb soldiers, including Yulia Tolopa. She's 22 and has a child in Kiev. She's actually a Russian national and has won a world-class there in hand to hand combat.

'She came to Ukraine in case the 'Revolution of Dignity' began, Because she did not believe Russian propaganda and wanted to see what was actually going on for herself.

'At the beginning of the war, She volunteered to the Ukrainian army's Aidar battalion for you to assist her Ukrainian friends who fight for freedom. She has fought in the most popular spots of the war and has been wounded twice.

Nana has been a soldier all her life, And began fighting Russia in 2008 when the country invaded her homeland of Georgia. She then came to Ukraine in 2014 to keep up the fight

During her first combat mission assignment,Mykytenko met the man who does become her husband. The pair have since had a daughter or son, Though she decided to return to military service and continues fighting to this day

Tolopa's unfaithfulness of Russia has earned her a spot on the FSB's most wanted list. She has since lost all exposure to her family and has started a new life in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev

in conflict, Yulia fought first implementingwithin a strike brigade, Then asan aerial reconnaissance officer and was hurt twice. She also has a princess, Who lives in Kiev with family members.

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Post Image Size How To Change It
Willingly I accept. The question is interesting, I too will take part in discussion.

Wed Aug 28, 2019 10:16 am
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