Gy6 swap, trouble with cdi
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Author:  mike149525 [ Sat Nov 24, 2018 4:17 am ]
Post subject:  Gy6 swap, trouble with cdi

So the Zuma cdi runs the Gy6 150 but it's not getting the speed I was getting on the Tao Tao that the motor came from. so bought an aftermarket Gy6 150 cdi. I hooked it up but the damn thing won't fire up. I made sure each wire from the Zuma harness was properly connected. The Gy6 has only 1 difference and that's that it has 2 grounds. I ran an extra wire from the ground to both grounds in the cdi. Still won't fire up. I swapped the engine because, well, 50cc is too slow and the Tao Tao that the motor came from was thrashed bodywise. With the Zuma cdi I'm getting 50 mph, but it was getting almost 60 before the swap. I even swapped the tires and front brake out. Does anyone have any tips on what I should do to get all from the gy6 that I can get? Like maybe there might he an aftermarket cdi that fits the Zuma but is made for a bigger engine? The cdi I bought was like $10, chump change. I don't mind spending a little bit on a cdi, just as long as it works lol.

Also, the spark plug cap on the Zuma is just a hair too short. It makes connection but the plastic on the Gy6 sort of pushes the cap off of the plug. I could cut the plastic a bit to let the cap go in a little farther but what I would prefer to do is just get a Gy6 cable and cap and splice it into the Zuma's. Would that work?

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