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 My review of the Vino 125 
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Post Re: My review of the Vino 125
This topic is pretty ancient but I will give you a long term review of a Vin0 125.... I live in St Paul MN and travel to Skaopee MN 4 days a week on my scooter for a total of 57 miles round trip -pretty much WOT. My scoot has 15,7K on it

1. Dispite what some people say the Vino 125 actually has very good stopping distance provided you get on the brakes in the right order...rear first and then front. My advise is to save your brakes by coasting down as much as you can before coming to a stop. my rear brakes lasted me 16K and my fronts about 8K.
2. The bike is EXTREMELY nimble in the handling department. It will go where you point it without much protest
3. Because I ride like a normal person, I found that the rear tire was good for 11K miles and the front for 16K miles (scheduled replacement at next oil change)
4. Drive belt is original has not been changed yet
5. Airfilter has been changed once
6. Lube oil changes every 4K as recommended
7. Battery seems to die every 2 years even with tender oh well this year it is battery #3
8. There is an air vilter for the CVT and unfortunately it is not mentioned in routine service of the scoot, you have to remove the kick start and plastic cover to get to it and it should be cleaned every 6K or so miles. failure to clean this bad boy will result in your clutch getting to the point where y ou get jerky engagement and you will have to sand it down to remove the glazed spots.
9. I get 85-101mpg depending upon weather conditions averaging around 95 or so
10 max speed on flat level ground with 260lbs of me and backpack is 62 verified via GPS
11. I would recommend that you replace all of the screws with allen head bolts just to save yourself the trouble of having to drill them out when they get srtipped (they are soft)
13. repair cost has been pretty much non existant ouside of replacing the spark plug and spark plug cap. I put an iridium plug in and have bneen thrilled with the results.

Tue Mar 08, 2011 12:13 pm
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Post Re: My review of the Vino 125
This is my first and only scooter. Info on how I chose is all outlined on my blog for anyone who cares. For now, here's some quick notes:

- My gas mileage was disappointing at the high 60's and sometimes low 70's. Far from the 90's that Yamaha claims. I guess I ride in less than ideal conditions. Being I'm only 156lbs, I don't think my weight has anything to do with it.

- It would nice if it had outside leg shield storage like the Buddy, but it doesn't. I suppose I can always add one, but I don't really have any need to carry anything that I wouldn't already put in my pockets or under the seat.

- White is only available I think in Canada. I have yet to see one here in the USA. I think I calculated that it would cost about $400 to change the color of your Vino (actual price on my blog somewhere. Too lazy to look now). Just buy all the parts.

- The seat on this puppy is wide. Lots of people complain about not being able to flatfoot it comfortably, including myself. I'm 5'-7".

- This thing has stiff suspension! I opted for the YSS adjustable and have brought it down to the softest setting. This is coming from a guy w/coilovers on his car and it's superstiff. I like, but not on a scooter. Bumpiness on a scooter is a @#$@*&.

- There aren't many mod parts available for the Vino 125, so if you like modding, this might not be for you. I got mine supercheap so I took it and modded whatever I could. But then again, I got it to save money so didn't spend a lot doing anything with it. All mods will either be completely custom or generic, but nothing Vino specific. There's the JDM light kit which is nice but that's sadly about it.

The_Head wrote:
You can live with the Vespa look huh?

At first I was iffy about that, but I figure if I'm getting a scooter, I may as well go all out and go with the classic look. Even though I'm glad I did, I will never stop being jealous of the under powered Ruckus. I just love that there's a large community of owners, tons of mods available for it. There isn't much of an aftermarket parts market for the Vino's unfortunately.

The_Head wrote:
Stock Zuma is like 3.6 horsepower

A stock Vino is around 9-10.

What a fair comparison.

Agreed. Not only is the engine on the Vino bigger than the Zuma, it's also larger physically. It's a bit more substantial. Both are good for what they are. Vastly different vehicles though designed for different purposes for different buyers. They shouldn't necessarily be compared. One's got a much sportier look (Zuma) and the other more classic (Vino) amongst other differences of course. I don't know enough about the Zuma to say in detail.

redhandmoto wrote:
One thing I truly regret is selling-off the silver '06 Vino 125 I got for my wife. It was too much for her (she's really tiny), and she eventually went with a derestricted Honda Met.

I used the Vino a lot and found it to be much more 'solid' and capable than the Buddy 150. Even stock, is was faster and pulled away stronger. I also liked the retro 'Vespa' look of the thing. Not to diss my modded Z125 (a true sprinter), but the Vino looked good, ran very well, and carried a whole bunch. Didn't require the attention that's part of 2T life - I'd just rather ride than wrench.

As it happens, there's a burgundy V125 for sale right up the street right now...Mama saw me eying it, and reminded me that the "rule" is that I can buy any scoot I can afford, but there must be room for it in the little bike shed...which is already stuffed, with two battery tenders in operation...

I rode the Buddy 150 (as a passenger b/c the dealer wouldn't let me drive it myself) and that thing flies! I didn't like the look of it. I figure if you're going to be sporty, go all out and look like a Zuma. Either that or go classic. It's neither here nor there. The Buddy's kind of a hybrid. Just didn't really like the look. On top of that, this thing's made in China - not a fan. I trust my neighbors in Japan much more. Used ones were also way more expensive than the Vino 125 which I eventually picked up for $1,500 with 2,300 miles on it. The Buddy's also smaller. I wanted something bigger and the Vino 125 fit perfectly. Did I mention it was $1,500! That was a big selling point. I financed it, so payments were just under $50. Saved money on gas pretty much right away since there was no downpayment (personal loan).

Newbie to the scooter scene. Modded with JDM lights, brake flasher module, headlight flasher and HDR headlight. Other than that, it's all stock. No engine mods. I use it as my primary mode of transportation. 70 mpg so far. See my vino:

Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:25 pm
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