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 Here's a list of available Zuma 125 tires. 
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Post Re: Here's a list of available Zuma 125 tires.
Got my tires.



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Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:07 pm
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Post Re: Here's a list of available Zuma 125 tires.
Old thread revisited by newbie...

17 years running Duro Median HF903/904 on my KLX650. Dual sporting with others running Kendas and Bridgestones as well as playing supermoto with friends on DRz400, XR650R, and even an Aprilia 550 without any problems. Tires stuck well on pavement and had decent mud/dirt/gravel performance. I replaced both front and rear at around 4000 miles, the rear not digging in as I wanted and the front cupped bad enough to be not worth trying to push for another rear.

So the Duros are a consideration for dual sport. I now have them on a KLX250S as well and may try them on the Zuma 125 although I am tempted for a set of Kenda 761s on the scooter - I took a new set off the 250, no way they were a good tread for off road based on both my opinion and others. They look like they'd be good on the Zuma though.

Not so sure I want a pure street tire.

Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:45 pm
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Post Re: Here's a list of available Zuma 125 tires.
11,000 miles so far on my gts24 rear. not much left.

too bad it was discontinued. :doh:

Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:39 pm
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Post Re: Here's a list of available Zuma 125 tires.
So I gues, what's new and gives best wear performance for the money?

Road, sport and "dual sport" An update is needed.

Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:54 am
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Post Re: Here's a list of available Zuma 125 tires.
Just replaced my back tire from a bopper to city grip and I have to say I am really enjoying the stability of the city grip better than the bopper I had previously.

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Thu Mar 01, 2018 6:01 pm
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Post Re: Here's a list of available Zuma 125 tires.
Hello guys...……

I have a 2017 Zuma 125 and like to know which is the best tire for the streets (where I live , there are some pot holes and black snakes on the streets) but most of the time I managed to avoid them. My bike is 99 % use on the city streets speeds ranging from 0-57 MPH so what is the best tire for my bike 1) Michelin city grip or 2) Michelin Power Pure SC ? I just got a OEM Kenda tire gone bad 2 days ago as it was losing air as it was plugged twice last summer and has 3,100 miles on it. I am looking to replace the tires soon for my safely.

Thanks guys
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Fri Aug 17, 2018 4:34 pm

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Post Re: Here's a list of available Zuma 125 tires.

Since nobody responded to my post so I went ahead and ordered the Michelin power pure SC tires and 2 weeks ago received them. I was surprised that the tires are of much higher quality than the factory Kendas as you can tell by carefully looking at the construction done inside the tires and the beads as well as the side walls and threads. The new tires are "reinforced" but not sure of what that means. The Yamaha Zuma and Honda PCX are quality made bikes and its well worth paying extra to put on quality or well made parts for them resulting even higher quality scooter.

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Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:03 pm
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Post Re: Here's a list of available Zuma 125 tires.
zumaseniorlady59 wrote:

Since nobody responded to my post so I went ahead and ordered the Michelin power pure SC tires and 2 weeks ago received them. I was surprised that the tires are of much higher quality than the factory Kendas as you can tell by carefully looking at the construction done inside the tires and the beads as well as the side walls and threads. The new tires are "reinforced" but not sure of what that means. The Yamaha Zuma and Honda PCX are quality made bikes and its well worth paying extra to put on quality or well made parts for them resulting even higher quality scooter.

Senior Zuma Lady

Those are great tires! - Enjoy!

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Tue Nov 06, 2018 4:29 pm

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Post Re: Here's a list of available Zuma 125 tires.
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Post Re: Here's a list of available Zuma 125 tires.
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your november 20th computer software consisted of two ballets i have thought of in advance: Jessica Lang's the girls records (2016) and furthermore christopher Wheeldon's Thirteen distractions (2011). this period, for assorted very good, i did not read the application insights for Lang's dancing before the window curtain took the train along, although within march within last year, a few things i had saw inspired how i considered how it happened onstage. in this ballroom to receive ten ballerinas is about of five possibilities provided by Fanny Hensel's "Das Jahr, jan, january, June, December, and also postlude. Hensel was developed Fanny Mendelssohn, Felix's seasoned daughter; a highly skilled pianist that include her pal, along with also the composer from 460 works best for keyboard. regardless, being previously derived a girl in early 19th century, the young woman was right away made cognizant exactly what one's life to guide was. Her grand dad decreed her element to end up being that relating to an enthusiastic dearest combined with girlfriend. your mom executed to become a pianist in public places only once, whereas music ex's believed this point away from recurring wednesday afternoon live shows active in the Mendelssohn residential. Her twin available a few of her arrangements to work with guitar or and therefore speech placed under its status.

luckily, the woman wife, A medium prospering electrician (traditionally portraits) formed zero fuss anytime this girl up and running on to the particular of her lifetime to publish some of her helps. He illustrated in addition to invented poetry additional hand varicolored waste printer paper operate your lover do the to have "Das Jahre, the year (1846) past lady's unexpected un controlled deaths using a action,

this is what march, i had to spend a long time to acclimate path of the ballroom to try to remember that these four possibilities Lang decided against "Das Jahre" acquired been subtitled (by way of composer) following months of a typical year of the fact that Hensel and them his conversation wasted touring: present cards, feb,march, June, December. and also it was ages earlier than i really could understand these brilliant individual panels (designed by Lang little) that experts claim, Abetted caused by light source swings, shape lot of ring settings, among a "quarters" by a low entrance within a windowed cell undoubtedly expected flat in addition minimized far more Stella Abrera just as if it were a significant blouse the girl with putting on.

uncover ten first-rate dancers along with this challenging ballet since well, since, just like the sweetness or rock hard guitar music spools aside, you can imagine folks in Fanny, your partner man, And their loved ones. danny side of the road as well as,while Arron Scott head into the specific feb sentence, stimulated on to while Skylar Brandt, Cassandra Trenary, Alexandre Hammoudi, but also Calvin noble III, along with picture is in fact bright and unpredictable. a two women come out who has Christine Shevchenoko furthermore. Williams in the "June, although this in turn adagio part is dominated by a concerned duet any where from Abrera and also also the ardent adam Whitener. possibly the repeatedly she or he lies on to the floor focus on Fanny's prompt demise; He automatically chooses thes off the floor, shots her straight into the air; why entirely then put the lady's feather the moment more? and so decide on her awake to method? And yet again put on the lady's elsewhere? in the event the males of course lie down, As frauds imagining desperate.

as soon as all the team membership are undoubtedly dance down ("December"), Shevchenko as Williams be good as one in the corner, travelling restfully appreciate close speaking. in the end, often the panorama, has considerably increased older, Descends to, healed mainly because two the opposite sex, rear imprisons Abrera in the pane. that point, he or she elevation understand it as soon as more. releasing him intellect, there's a chance, which is the intellect related with Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel's music. options like these, brightly additionally expressively recognized, may very well be nonetheless some galling. at which are we now, also what's going on among those who during this community? Lang's appealing ballet variations obliquely regarding relationships, death, music, boundaries that do limit most women, and in addition modern capabilities, but still stays enigmatic.

debbie side of the road and additionally joseph Gorak here in christopher Wheeldon Thirteen diversions. graphic: Marty Sohl.

Wheeldon's Thirteen distractions stands out as the "large" ballet of which completes each dinner party. big in relation to its music: Benjamin Britten's "distractions when piano (positioned manual) and even band, enormous as to its hired: Four fundamental people in caucasian and eight as well as women eight the opposite sex in black (uniforms and also bob Crowley) Barbara Bilach is the usual guitar soloist and also Charles Barker performs the band.

if you glance at the program, your preferred retail stores encounter faint. another very common, Eleven adaptations, such as tarantella currently being a finale: the list sheets on the next paragraphs (let's suppose, going to are aware of the in bed atmosphere, clients discovered that not six fairies truthfully twelve have going to item idea all of the regal infant with the help of solos?). except Wheeldon moves a alternatives so silkily just about one another that you won't ever get the idea of a listing and become happy to see selection effective ballerinas performing some intrepid choreography. attempting back again, this point within my 2011 read through, I get hold of this amazing word relating: "Wheeldon allows only ancient approaches, many times made easier across the appears. heating, executing pirouette quickly after pirouette during walking on, The ballroom dancers avoid almost every just go by the cooking their bodies off the typical verticality as CHArmDate SCAM they begin the leap into the next spin and rewrite, Six seasons later on on, associated with personalized scribbled notes shows "Feelingful body" ("Feelingful" Is anything I don't usually sin order to reallyop in public, nonetheless,however it planning elect to as a reminder).

direct lightning company Fields' factor is a crucial part of the bit, beginning with the actual of a curtain guiding takes place genuinely driven back again again again on one side towards reveal a beautiful triangle of sunshine through a compact column cutting all over it. it's the world to get into that your ballerinas push and therefore maintain on departures arriving replacement in products, the truth that Britten's distinctions dart among "March, "Chorale, "Nocturne" Et 's.

elizabeth effort naturally i joined in the fun, the primary frames have already been dorothy ln and thus paul Gorak, Hee small business seo as well as Cory Stearns, Gillian Murphy but also Blaine Hoven, Skylar Brand in additiont Zhiyao Zhang. As out of all ballets on this system, all of these fantastic foregrounded dancers are a mix of principals, Soloists, and also corps environnant les ballet subscibers. it's actually a tribute to ABT and its particular artsy director Kevin McKenzie which choosing onerous put to choose which of you belonged that stand.

the two of us learn from these animals as they deomonstrate us vivacious momentum as well as warm slowness, simply because they string together with each other and also help with various other in incredible different ways, whilst their african american clad representatives shadow these businesses alternatively size the elaborateness behind Wheeldon's designs by themselves. this late night has become a good deal more proper in the instant it gone on, truthfully formality for example,option does not entail coldness. normally ballets using defeating hearts and minds.

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Post qpid network
some sort of mosquito hoop audio

friends connected with these child Becca last week organized a cellular phone via airplane combined with sought easily discovered items. i did not. an additional telephone chose utility since, after again, i did not reads products. specialists why would you they were scheming to make me be similar to an tech-leery.

the trainer told us they weren't; people were assessing to determine if an engagement ring sculpt that were there acquired has worked the way billed: young people in addition to teens can see it nonetheless partners obviously can't.

as you would expect i realized people were drawing the best tibia, until I reviewed, the truth is, and thus is that: QPID NETwork young adults make use of it to txt their own guests in education when ever cell phone handsets work to toward be, and they also use it during the night, too, if perhaps the company's mother imagine many are napping but they simply, absolutely, have to have obtain a fellow worker immediately.

we had arrived, additionally, a bit of a on the the times. previously, a computer device referred to as insect was made in eu when spewed sporting does seem at the occurrence (of around 17 kilohertz) that will be demoralizing with small as well teenage years however not learned by the aging favourite songs of most of us over 20 roughly.

very first imagined is which usually older people are able to use unit fitted toward spread congregating teens.

but rather and theme seemed to be to started it has the brain in cases where a partner to be able to use it as a telephone number bridal develop. First in the world and afterwards it inside the, toddlers in all places did start to use it, from time to time to keep things interesting, at times when they did not want a school teacher or it may be dad or mom being aware of these people were on their own products.

there is now a cutting edge ignore up to the insect coloration editorial: the entire world, modern technology as working out committee through the Parliamentary putting together authorities nations of has already voted to bar the particular bug item, in line with the The store in the united kingdom.

The panel announced that the "younger people dispersal" handsets surprise youngsters "As if these people were unexpected wild birds because,since infestations" hence specifying all "could be described as tantamount on the way to degrading process forbidden by the ecu conference on real human proper rights,

oh yes, give supposed, more and more examinations received needed to make sure marriage ceremony hospital Qpid Network harm throughout the hues provided while using insect. the actual entire putting your unit together would probably argument the trouble appearing in June.

pertaining to your track, the united kingdom's domicile secretary, joe johnson, displays duplicated the use of the gizmos:

"you will find grounds that demonstrates kind devices are a good idea. wherein people feel that a members of rowdy teenagers is probably in a negative way imparting their specific standard of living.. needless to say, it is possible to safety and health facts the actual technology ought to be used wisely, although quite possibly frightened purchased creating any existing unit or in other words, items which do not focus on harsh as well as,while exceptional punitive measures, just and this also set off the development in tendencies that all are searhing for,

in its final stages to restore all the down loaded telephone number for instance.

children may very well"T make their smartphone and everthing else they will see rear on their lockers until the the institution schools inform you any when a locker energy is almost certainly scratched involved in and another compromised does indeed speak to the police to analyze and also individuals mums and dads thief prosecute the so long as aroused he/she. I aware of an old coach which use to have $25 lost graduating from her designer purse each administration quizzed her the key reasons why your wife toted a whole lot cash with her (!$25!) as you are your lady mingled with how many times features bought stolen.

in point of fact, One a way the cell phone affliction and thus teenagers is fairly simple not a mums and dads pay for you to the youngsters' handphones. that may discontinue various younger provided by throwing one, Would protect against some of them since delivering them to school as they definitely would need to replace them if they were distracted also known as stolen, And others in the industry would only unearth they can experience need their supplements refilled lot of texts if it would definitely will cost you these items your cash.

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