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 New battery! Ballistic Battery 
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Post Re: New battery! Ballistic Battery
ka0bit0 wrote:
:D I've been running a ballistic on my ruck for the past year. So far not one hiccup. I highly recommend them.

Yes ... they di work well ... higher cranking power, smaller physical package, light weight ... all true.
The recharging circuit on the ruck does what it is supposed to do.

The problem comes LATER

You are going to need the CHARGER that is proprietary, specifically for that ballistic battery.
Neither the recharge circuitry on the scoot -nor- the normal battery recharger (like a Battery Tender) is going to recharge a Li-Ion charger PROPERLY--COMPLETELY.

Installed 164 bbk in 2009

Fri Nov 30, 2012 1:11 pm
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Post Re: New battery! Ballistic Battery
scroll down this site to lighting and electrical

look for the lithium battery and charger
the charger looks like the cheap ones I have to balance a single battery pack
even has the little balancer connector

not sure if the ballistic battery has that plug on it, but this one does
which means I could use my good computer charger to balance it and not have to spend the extra $80

not that im thinking about these batteries just saw it on that website


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Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:17 pm
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Post Re: New battery! Ballistic Battery
That charger looks like it would work for the ballistic battery. I haven’t checked mine in a while but the connector on the battery looks like it would accept the permanent cable attachment.

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Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:25 am
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Post Re: New battery! Ballistic Battery
ive yet to have a problem with stock battery been a year no problems other then when i leave it on and drain it my own fault i just jump start it and ride on no troubles

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Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:28 am

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Post Re: New battery! Ballistic Battery
LI-ION Charger News!

Just an update for evey body - some infromation I gained working as the Sales then General Manager of a motorcycle parts/accessoires/gear/service shop for the past 5 years...Western Powersports (WPS) Firepower Lithium-Ion batteries have integrated charging chips, so in theory, you can use a standard charger on them. At least this is what our rep advertised. I have one of the WPS batteries in my Suzuki DR350 and it works very well - however, I purchased the Optimate LFP Lithium (ridiculous expensive at like ~$150) charger before I knew that I could use a standard one.

Additionally, Optimate now offers the Optimate 1 DUO that can do all of your standard, AGM, and Lithium batteries. These retail for $36.99 if I recall correctly.

Now for less that $40 - there is no excuse not to jump over to Lithium.

(On a side note, I installed a Ballistic in my 2008 Honda CBR1000RR several years ago, and not knowing the difference, I would always use my Ctek 4.3 charger on it. I never once had an issue with damaging cells, the bike not starting, or any other electronic/voltage issues. It worked like a dream and it wasnt until a year after I sold the bike that I realized that A) the bike couldn't fully charge that battery and 2) I was supposed to use a special charger. Regardless of where facts lay on the topic, the bike always started, and when plugging the battery into a standard charger for extended periods of time over winter - I never had an issue.

Thats all I had.

Optimate 1 DUO - ~$36.99 - Std, AGM, & Li-Ion

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Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:03 am
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Post charmdate scam
reviews approximately starvation

starvation, and after that party

july 12, 2000

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Wed Aug 07, 2019 1:23 am

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Post QPID NETwork
The gurus and as well warriors this Sikh empire

2014The Sikh kingdomSikhism provides a thrashing file. followers have actually quite often had to have to work the actual sanctity of their total faith in god as ways of life. this is what religious beliefs broken forth your major spiritual and moreover social teachings of most expert Nanak.

a real religion asking for equal rights for a lot of, Sikhism authorized a daily life devoid of the restrictions through the american indian caste computer system. it is additionally displayed the anybody to speak straight to the incalculable One, The Sikh understanding of the divine.

1469Birth the GuruDorling Kindersley

The symbol previously could be the Ek Onkar. reveals 'God is One' and is defined as in conjunction with the foundation for Sikhism.

Sikhism am identified while in 1469 Punjab, The hit to do with five brooks in northern indian, while using the birth and labor involved with pro Nanak. A pro is a teacher chief executive.

Sikh history is marked this individual was a seriously philosophical girl talked about by just Hindu parents. growing up, He considered the theories most typically associated with both Islam and lots of Hindu belief motions, along with floored his tutors regarding his dreaming.

select a located as a new devout chief executive?

1481 A radical psychic streakPrint Collector/ Getty illustrations or photos

Brahmin is the top caste in american native indians caste pc involving Hindu modern society. Nanak appeared back into the Kshatriya, conventionally currently the judgment marine rank.

At age 11, Nanak declined to wear the 'sacred thread' a note within Hindu young men within the upper castes wear at reign.

He said that really should be prominent by is a part do you know, and not by what she QPID NETWORK was wearing.

Nanak ongoing to show a significant spiritual talent. the man quarreled by having regional holy as well as men sages, Both Hindu but also islamic, that's areas like pilgrimages and furthermore traditions have been completely to do with much less faith based usefulness compared to inner lifestyle changes on to the intellect.

happens to be Sikhthism faith femint?

not considered sunlight, ones celestial body overhead, all the exoplanets, usually the seven locations, your oceans, grocery, and also the breeze absolutely nothing is lengthy term. the customer single-handedly, our god, users on.

wizard Granth SahibA portrait for Nanak, sometimes known as Sri expert Nanak Dev as well as,while Baba Nanak.

while 1500, even as partnered with children portrait, Nanak wanted additional hand to four journeys toward pass on any unifying ad of serenity and as well,as well as the concern.

The most well-known theories due to community Nanak typically the my way through existence is part and parcel of the One, And that everybody can have immediate access to this supreme feeling, with out customs or a priests. He significantly denounced unquestionably the caste platform as learned that everyone is comparable, no matter what state alternatively issue.

around the next centuries, QPID NETwork Nine teachers, teachers " specially designed one particular Sikh faith quickly Guru Nanak. succession reached to a lot of suitable, family and friends series must have been ordinary throughout the fourth master onwards.

1606The first Sikh martyrAngad Singh Sodhi

Worshippers as you're watching golden temple in Amritsar.

Sikhism were more developed near Punjab once attached to wizard Arjan, the most important fifth master.

the exact Mughal Empire (A dynasty taking over over a swath of new the indian subcontinent, Pakistan, Bangladesh as well as Afghanistan for upwards of 300 several) begun to see Sikhism as a menace to the dominance of Islam in india. Emperor Jahangir possessed legend Arjan so that yourtured death for the your religious beliefs around 1606.

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Post Re: New battery! Ballistic Battery
london, uk speed dating

Passing the selling on television we are in the middle of a boom of single individuals. Every other marketing appears to promote an online dating sites solution. then why not speed dating? You don't view that advertised on the TV does it still already established?

First taking place in late 1998, This brand new method to dating removed in earnest pretty soon later on when a number of business services started supplying comparable, However luxurious, Occasions around the nation. and even when it was depicted on shows such as Sex and the City, Its popularity grown.

The obvious advantage of speed dating is hot moldovan women the nose to nose call; Online information, Photos and also video clips are no replacement the real point. When meeting someone in my ballet shoes, A perception is formed within the initial 60 seconds and also that very first impression is permanent as well as based on a dating study, 71 % of folks still use love prima facie. As well as the speed additionally allows the individual to comply with a broad array of possible friends very quickly frame; beneficial to those active office kinds which don't have time to socialize much.

These occasions are seen as a safe setting, Managed and arranged as well as, Unlike online users, It is pretty obvious if someone isn't being truthful regarding their look they are sitting ideal reverse you! on top of obviously, You stroll away after five mins; So the stress of keeping a chat going all night is never an issue. and as well, on hand such as the man well, It's simply 5 mins; No should think of justifications to complete a date early or texting the concurred SMS to a girlfriend when the blind day you are on develop into a problem.

Sat Aug 17, 2019 11:39 am

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Post Re: New battery! Ballistic Battery
online dating service is a minefield

it is usually your prototypical 21st century love story. Boy meets girl on an online dating site. Boy loves girl. Girl delights in boy. And after realizing that they can live without each other, Boy and girl get involved yourself.

but there's one small catch; The boy was created a girl.

Rebecca, A 34 year old management assistant, appropriate knew that Alex (Not this special real names) Was different from other guys she'd dated. But it wasn't until the 32 year old teacher nervously disclosed the truth over a drink that Rebecca fully fully understood the extent of that difference.

Story continues below advertising campaign

The world of online dating site is fraught with judgments, dispositions and dead ends. It's difficult terrain for many, Who often feel it's like a workout in marketing. To cast as well in a favourable light, Some online daters get qualified photos done; individuals fudge about their height, pounds or age. They may also withhold details that could a great deal limit their chances.

But for transgender individuals injured physically, Mentally and/or emotionally made a transition from their born gender into the opposite gender or gender role the online dating service world is a minefield. problem of how much to disclose in one's profile is a difficult one.

The inclusion of Chaz Bono as the first transgender contestant on dwts has brought transgender people into the spotlight of popular culture on a more human level than ever before. But mention Chaz's upcoming nuptials to partner Jennifer Elia, And eyebrows are elevated. The sexuality of transgender people may be met with confusion, And their dating lives are rarely discussed.

"With few exclusions, People don't go to a dating site purchasing transperson, Alex pronounces. "And most transpeople who aren't out wouldn't want to date a person who is openly looking to date a transperson,

There are also issues relating to sex and the need for medical intervention if pregnancy is something the couple wishes to explore at a later date.

Some transgender people report that their online profiles has become deleted; They wonder if their gender i. d,real identity played a role.

to be able to Markus Frind, CEO of popular online dating site Plenty of Fish, This is simply incorrect. "virtually any policy, mr. Frind produces in an e mail. "To give you an inkling of scale, We'd need to hire around 2,000 employees if we wanted moderate/review users' profiles,

Story continues below commercial

But will not mean that transgender people are not discriminated against by potential suitors.

for Angie McAvoy, Who is at the start of a transition from male to female, Honesty is the best policy. Still called Andy by most acquaintances members, And undaunted by pronoun slides, Angie says she has always been extremely upfront about her impending transition when communicating to potential love interests out there.

"I'm almost anything open, she says. "I think that's the obvious way to go about it,

microsoft. McAvoy is seeing a woman she met on Craigslist, And believes that transgender people should be as frank as they are comfortable with in their online profiles, Though she concedes this puts them at a setback. rewards the advertiser,the item., There are moldavian girls only ever two options for gender entirely on these sites. very good, Singles are infrequently open to the idea.

"I think that it's different for you, affirms Tami Starlight, 46, A transgender woman and activist who lives in vancouver. "I don't think that a person should necessarily have to disclose right away,

ms. Starlight says some people that terrifies them disclosing, or being "released, And also watch being fetishized.

Story continues below offer

"The dynamic may be very complex, microsoft. Starlight is marked. "i'm not going people to want to date me [in areas] merely all about sex. I'd rather have it be way more organic and find a person who is interested in me and the things that I believe in,

For other within the net daters, details of such a calibre can be a lot to process. Rebecca says a million things went through her mind when Alex told her about his previous life. "i had floored, She said. "But all I could give some thought to was how wonderful he was and how much I'd come to like him,

alleges Alex, "I keep this in mind amazingly sensitive and kind thing Rebecca said, Later throughout the date. She identified, 'I've been thinking and, Had I told you what you only told me, I'd would really like hear this: You should know that this does not change how I think of you at all. You're still this particular guy I'm dating.or,-- "

Rebecca's desire to get to know Alex better paid off the couple will be married next summer. we will see obstacles in their path, But they hope to overcome them together.

"He's an amazing people, reports Rebecca. "He's gentle. He's rib tickling funny in a dorky, nerdy, Really marvelous way. He makes me laugh so faithfully, I yowl. He's the love of my life. I can't wait to see what the near future holds,

Special to earth and MailWelcome to planet and Mail's comment community. This is a space where subscribers can engage mutually and Globe staff. Non subscribers can read and sort comments but will be unable to engage with them in any way.

Sat Aug 17, 2019 6:24 pm

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Post Re: New battery! Ballistic Battery
Chernobyl turn off For Good

Fourteen years of nuclear anxiety came to an end Friday, As operators closed the Chernobyl nuclear powerplant, flinging 2,000 employees at the complex unemployed, And leaving Ukrainians short of electricity at the outset of winter.

The Ukrainian governing resisted shutting down the reactor to the very last, But crucial pressure to close the plant has grown since the massive explosion in 1986 which covered a third of Europe with a radioactive cloud, And caused cancers rates to advance in Belarus and Ukraine, Reports CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer.

The concrete sarcophagus since the reactor which exploded is decaying and has to be rebuilt, And the fuel has to be stripped away from the other reactors.

Ukraine President Leonid Kuchma gave the shutdown order from Kiev over a video linkup with the flower, discovered some 85 miles away. A Chernobyl operator pushed a switch activating the automatic safety system of the plant's only working reactor, Sending containment rods sliding towards the reactor core.

the easy procedure ended the long, Troubled run of a facility that became a synonym for nuclear fears and the dangers of atomic power.

"To fulfill the state decision and Ukraine's essential obligations, I hereby order to start work for the hasty stoppage of the operation of reactor No. 3 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, " Kuchma said as he gave the order from a hall in Kiev, the administrative centre.

the particular shutdown, Which followed years of intense intercontinental pressure, Should erase danger of future accidents at the plant. Yet Ukraine will suffer the effects of the 1986 Chernobyl accident for a considerably long time: Millions of its citizens are affected by radiation related ailments.

The leaders of this former Soviet republic said they were challenge a historic mission in closing down the last functioning reactor at Chernobyl.

"The world results in being a safer place. human beings will sleep in peace, " Kuchma said Thursday during a ceremony to memorialize the shutdown.

The plant's closing reactor, The one turned off Friday, became reactor No. 3. It is in the same building as reactor No. 4, Which exploded and caught fire on April 26, 1986, polluting vast areas of Ukraine, the ussr and Belarus and spewing a radioactive cloud over Europe.

The Kremlin tried to conceal the accident and delayed evacuation of people from nearby towns for days. Firefighters and other workers who were the first at the destroyed reactor had little or no protection from radiation.

Those moves only included to the death toll: additional than 4,000 cleanup workers have died since that time and 70,000 have been disabled by the radiation in Ukraine alone. on 3.4 million of Ukraine's 50 million men or women, plus some 1.26 million chidren, are viewed as affected by Chernobyl.

The plant has experienced numerous does not work properly since. several Ukrainians, Tired of to control radiation scares, Were happy at its closure.

inflammation of a joint, even when, The shutdown means lost utility and lost jobs.

Kuchma, Who on thurs,this toured the ill fated plant and tidy Slavutych, the town where Chernobyl workers live, Was faced with dozens of gloomy protesters wearing black armbands.

"I have not seen anything any better than this, " Yevhen Laptsov, ukraine beauty A Chernobyl electrician who lives in Slavutych, Said of his metropolis. "I have two small children and we all live in this beautiful town. I'm quite afraid of the closure. "

regarding, Energy strapped Ukraine faced pressure from general groups and foreign leaders to close Chernobyl. But it refused to take, Citing the a source of electricity the plant provided and demanding foreign aid in return. Kuchma finally pledged to shut down Chernobyl during a visit by President Clinton captured.

The European Commission has approved a $585 million loan to help Ukraine build two new reactors to make up for Chernobyl's electricity. The European Bank for reconstruction and Development is to chip in another $215 million.

regardless of the closure, Much continues to to be done at Chernobyl.

Ukraine plans to generate a new casing for the mammoth concrete and steel sarcophagus covering the ruined reactor No. 4. There is no decision yet on what to do with the tons of radioactive dust and nuclear fuel still inside, And work on making the structure eco safe will take decades.

Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:18 pm
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