Replace front reflector
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Author:  njbob [ Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:20 am ]
Post subject:  Replace front reflector

Hi all I have a 2009 Zuma that I recently dumped. No damage except for the right side reflector. I have seen in another post to get at it you need to remove the top 4 leg guard screws, the "Headlight Hardware" I have no idea what that means. And the headlight guard. I just need to get at it to change the reflector. Can anyone tell me exactly what needs to be removed to get at this? Thanks

Author:  Bcampbell37 [ Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Replace front reflector

You'll have to pull off the front plastics to access it. It's actually really simple, but I've done it more than 10 times easily.

Pull the 7 screws holding the leg shield
Pull 3 screws for headlight guard (2 allens and 1 hex I think)
Pull the 2 mounts the lower headlight guard Allen bolts go into...small Allen goes into bigger Allen
Pull 10mm hex bolt between headlights

Then you just have to kinda pull on the front piece to get it off. I always start at the top. It takes some force cuz it's all clipped together. Then once you have it off, just unplug the headlight wire harness and you can move it to wherever you'd like to work on it.

Author:  njbob [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Replace front reflector

When you say the 7 screws holding the leg guard is the 7th screw the Larger screw in the middle?
Not sure what you mean by below, can you elaborate please?
Pull the 2 mounts the lower headlight guard Allen bolts go into...small Allen goes into bigger Allen

Also I am not pulling the leg guard put the cowling?
I was hoping I could just pull the leg guard and get my hands in there.
Thank you for responding

Author:  Bcampbell37 [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Replace front reflector

Ya, 7 total....3 on each side and 1 in the center up top!

So there is 3 screws/bolts that hold on the headlight guard frame. The 2 lower ones are a 5mm Allen head I believe. When you remove those, there's 2 larger Allen screw you need to remove as well to get the front cowling off.

Author:  Reiz [ Tue Oct 30, 2018 3:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Replace front reflector

Hey guys. I'm a relatively new rider, just picked up a 2015 BWs(Zuma) back in July. Took a bit of a tumble last week on the way to work. Approaching a stop sign, my front tire slipped on some wet leaves and went down hard on the left side. Bike is still in pretty good shape, seems my shoulder took the brunt of it, dislocated and fractured, but at least health care is free up here in Canada.

Anyways, the front reflector on the left side seems to have sustained the worst of the damage. What I am trying to determine is whether a replacement reflector (32S-H5110-00) is enough to fix it, or if I need to replace the leg shield 1 panel (32S-F8311-01-WL). The black plastic got roughed up pretty good, but I am unsure where one part ends and the other begins.
And from what I have seen on the forum, the BWs and Zuma might have slight variations regarding said reflector.
Referencing this diagram, https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/20 ... 2sch919912
there appears to be a piece of black plastic attached to the leg shield panel/part that the reflector mounts to. But the drawing is so basic, I am not sure how much I can trust it. Also a bit of a shame to drop $50 on the leg shield panel when I only need to replace that small piece of plastic.
If anyone can give me any insight, would be much appreciated, that is if anyone even notices my post!

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Author:  JohnnyFYX [ Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Replace front reflector

The reflector is attached to the front painted facia. You do not need to buy a new painted plastic panel just to replace the reflector. The painted panel can be removed by removing the four small panel screws on the upper half of the black leg shield... then remove the one screw (zuma) or two screws (bws) next to or above the head light/headlight guard. Lastly, remove the the headlight guard by removing the two screws and spacers from the bottom of the headlight guard. With all hardware removed you can start to remove the front painted panel w/headlight attched by prying it away from the black leg shield... start from where they meet at the top and work your way down until they separate. Have a chair nearby to support the headlight & painted cover assembly while you remove and replace the reflector.

Author:  Reiz [ Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Replace front reflector

Thx for your response. I have done the dual headlight mod so I have taken that cover off before, I am just waiting for my left arm to be a little more useful before I dive into that project. Does anyone know if the replacement reflector is just the reflector piece, or if it comes with the black plastic base as well?
The roughed up black plastic isn't too much of a concern for me, but I do already have dreams of a larger scooter so I will have to decide if replacing the black plastic will benefit me at all for resale purposes. I was considering the Yamaha Xmax 292cc, but the scooter market in Canada is quite limited, in fact you can't find any new scooters up here above 150cc it seems. I would have to travel down to the US to find an Xmax, but then I noticed BMW is releasing their BMW c400x for 2019 in Canada(and I think the US). So I might go test ride one of those in the spring. The Xmax and BMW are very comparable in price too (taking exchange rate into consideration) and I wouldn't have to deal with trying to get it over the border.

Again any insight much appreciated, and thx to all members as this forum has been an extremely useful resource.

Author:  JohnnyFYX [ Sat Nov 17, 2018 3:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Replace front reflector

The front reflector includes the black plastic base/trim. I've purchased a replacement front plastics without the reflector and it does not include the black plastic reflector base/trim part. Since that part is not on the parts list, it should be included with the reflector(s) when you order them.

Author:  Reiz [ Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Replace front reflector

Awesome thanks again. I will be putting my order in and hopefully it will work out.
Gotta love Partzilla, $80 with shipping to Canada for 9 parts in my cart, it will just be a question of how long it will take.
I also ordered some cheap reflectors with intigrated LED's off of Banggood.com, so going to try wiring them up to the turning signal.

Author:  spanishwomenqrn [ Sun Jul 28, 2019 8:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Replace front reflector

How to find marriage potential in the online dating world

Dating creates a feeling of choice and this idea that in the current something better coming along, reads Deanna Cobden, A dating coach based in calgary. This restrictions you.

great, But what the results are when there are too many options? It becomes hard to decide about what you want, She tells international News. circumstances online, When people are presented with that dilemma, They choose to just like no strings, Over romantic relationship building which takes more work and commitment. Some may see marriage as a power down, There shouldn be any shame all over it, gives increase Salick.

Also seeking marriage should be attracted that you know what you want. It all in how what it's all about is delivered and thus, portrayed. For loveConte began her hunt for love unofficially in early 2000s, But says she started getting fascinated by settling down and finding a life partner in 2008.

She tried seeing people at bars, dance clubs, Blind dates and speed a new relationship, But was getting no results.

Weekend I was hanging out with my mom, And two friends on its own and all three had said, Don you subscribe eHarmony? I took it as a sign and signed up the Sunday night of the Labour Day long weekend in 2009. can you attend a sologamy wedding?

Michael ended up being the second person she talked to on the site, And according to the third date, She suspected he was one. Couldn advise you how I knew. i did. the very next day I went in to work and said to my co worker, probably marry him. And i did. And now we have a house in suburbia and a 2 year old little boy.

Often deemed a attach site, Tinder get hold of, Has led a number of love stories, And Cobden says having variety is usually a good option.

find out more: Couple runs half marathon on wedding day with their marriage party

even though Natasha Maini met her husband, Arash Mousavi, by Tinder in 2013, She says it was rare to find men who would look for a future wife.

Unfortunate because many guys out there use uniform dating just to have fun, she says.

Wanted to build a relatives and grow old with someone, states. Know brand-new home theater system marriage isn necessary for that to happen but I guess I old school like that. Had a different mindset on life. Maybe that stemmed from being married prior to now as well as being a father. When I saw how amazing he was as a father I knew he was suitable for me. very much: How to actually pay for your wedding day

followed below, Cobden and Salick share their best tips on how to beautiful girl in spanish put your best foot forward on the subject of finding marriage material online.

1 Make your profile show up

A solid written dating profile could make or break how successful you are with finding a match, Salick reads. check out photos you are using (dark beer blurry? Feature other buyers?) And be honest in what you desire.

and, Look at your options. If men or women are implying they want casual dating or just friends, Don date these people.

2 Try paid pages

Salick says often, major people end up on paid sites.

Not saying that paid sites are better than free sites/apps because however you can find marriage on those too. additionally, think about the mentality that goes into choosing to pay to meet your match. Don make superficial lists

we all have our wants and needs, But Cobden says making more information on superficial must haves will keep you single forever. levels, Income and looks shouldn be as important, but rather, Focus on properties like kindness and how loving they are.

3 Try a distinct segment site

You know marriage is what you long for, Go for web sites where more marriage minded people might be on. it will help with limiting the pool of candidates you have to fish from, Salick totals.

Cobden says you should also be active on at least three sites similarly. for example, Try rival, and thus apps like Bumble and Tinder.

4 Have a clear idea of what you long for

If you do end up going on a few dates with a possible partner, Be clear before it starts of how you want things to end.

Casual relating to this, Cobden reads. The third date tell them where you see your way of life going. you might say, In a great place, But I could see myself when you need it settling down and having a family.' Don be afraid to say the word says you'll find nothing is wrong implying marriage is your end goal on your profile.

you are seeking marriage as your end goal, I don think there any shame in putting that around the market, i think it honest, Salick tells people. If someone is not power on at that goal, That just tells you they aren for a passing fancy page as you and why would you want that anyway? Social media is furthermore useful

Salick also recommends joining groups on Facebook or local meetups for single people or with people concentrating on the same interests.

And Meetup are getting such an active way to meet new people, And they free and the bridal is a lot higher and more open. Don limit yourself to adult dating sites only. Can also find well suited people on sites like Twitter and Instagram, It all is dependant on making a move and sending them a message.

Author:  moldovawomenzni [ Tue Aug 06, 2019 3:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Replace front reflector

Knowing When and How to Reject Someone and how to react when it will happen to you

Rejection is part of life. Everyone thoughts it. folks doles it out. handle it. study from it. And masteral.

having said that, I continually shocked at how many differing opinions there are approximately whenand howyou should reject someone (And if you need to reject them at all). this time, It quite likely that I wrong. i am not. Or it possible that there are more than one right answer. there is not. And it also possible that each dating scenario is so unique and customized that blah blah blah. they aren't. truth be told, with common sense, reliability, rather than shitty personness, Anyone can figure out the right answer for its dating dilemma.

But just in case you lack the experience to problem solve your dating scenarios, I made a list of some of the most common dating cease fire situations and how to proceed should you are in them. Additionally I included a little blurb about how to appropriately react for everybody who is on the rejection end of the stick.

1. The initial online dating site message.

Now this may be mostly of the situations where both sides make good arguments. specific niche market, If I get a message on a dating website and I not inquisitive I simply don respond. The truth is that most messages that I ignoring are absolutely ridiculous and/or took virtually no effort to write, as a, They don deserve my time to compose a innovative gentle rejection message. on the flip side, I have heard from a few guys that they would prefer get a rejection message because it makes it so they remember the girl and thus don bother her again.

Except here it is important, If you don can see the girl, It either because you didn craft a thoughtful superb eloquent message to her or you were just throwing bird seed, normally, When international dating is fine, i guess, Except screw you for then expectant her to waste her time to message you back. Maybe instead of sending a ton of shitty messages should to send a medium amount of moderate ones. Just a contemplation. But really, I don think rejection is desirable here. There is no bond, certainly effort owed, If she or he doesn respond, exchange the duck on. This is the least of your dating woes to be concerned about.

Do not send a crazy message about how you want to know and that it's rude for them not to respond. You're wasting your time chasing after someone who isn't contemplating you online, When you could be crafting a better message to the next one who is better suited for you. take it all in stride, pal.

2. whenever the messages stop.

So you been messaging back and forth and everything seems great. And then at once the messages stop. What is one to trust? I think what one is to think. really. exchange the duck on. there's a billion reasons why someone might stop talking to you moldova marriage online even though, mindful mindful, You thought you had a link. It not easy. It irksome. You just need to know are they just busy? do you find it something I did? But you might never know. Maybe they got more serious with another man they were dating. maybe you put up two more photos and they didn like them. you may changed your profile and they didn like it (Or maybe they just read it for the first time). Maybe they feeling fat and don would like go out. Maybe they just started a new job, Are moving past, Began a love affair with ice cream. You likely can't predict. Best to just no way because while I love knowing things, I can in good conscience advocate that someone spill the details of their life in explanation to a relative stranger on the net. There are more essential things to be doing in life. wedding event a rejection required scenario. move on. Case not open.

If I actually thought they would respond, I would suggest a simple message askingwhy the fadeso that you could get closure but the truth is they most likely wouldn't respond and then not only have you wasted your time but you'll be even angrier for the second ignoring and this leads to no good. get going. elementary as that.

3. The first night.

if or not a rejection is required after a first date is based upon two things: Your gender and what you should said on the date. Now you could make an argument for ignoring socialized gender roles etc. But these are my opinions and they come from my feels with dating, And that about all i must say on that. Take it or let it sit. simply, Let assume whatsoever gender you are, The first date would be a bust, But not such a bust that the two of you on the date are totally aware.

If you the guy, regardless if you need to politely reject the lady is based upon what you said on the date. ought to polite, And normal, Then no rejection is recommended. about the, If you said items like let's do this again sometime or I'd love to take you out again, I had a really great time or whatever indicated you were into her and wanted to go out again, then yes, you are required to reject her. And let be genuine, It seriously easy to do so. Send her a simple message or online message. It was great to her, And though big event given the impression otherwise on the date, You just don't think the hyperlink is there and wish her all the best.

for anyone the girlreceivingthis message, A politethank you for letting me knowandall the bestis how you should proceed. even though you thought the date went awful too. Even if you didn't need to see him again. Or maybe genuinely really did. is irrelevant. Keep that dookie to manually. become a lady, Be category, Be mindful, Be temporary,

If you the woman, whether you need to politely reject the guy is based upon no matter if he pursues something further. whenever the date went awful, Perhaps he knows it and doesn pursue further (And thus you free). obviously if, unfortunately, He sends you a message or text or phonecall requesting out again, Don be a penis, All you have to do is simply tell him you not interested. So ignored simple. No connection or didn't have a good time or whatever. Though I urge you away from giving bullshit excuses like I'm busyor I'm not ready to date because he likely not interpret correctly and thus you haven solved dilemma at all. and furthermore,what's more, in all honesty, You a butt for not authentic. Be well mannered. be genuine. Be hasty.

you'll be able to the guyreceivingthis message, do not be a jerk. Thank her forletting you knowand wish herall the lowest. this is so simple to be good people. She saved you some sacrificed time, Why wouldn't you will need to be nice to her.

4. Two to eight weeks.

If you gone out with you two or more times, And you don need them again, You owe them a knock back. Now I know timber will disagree with me here but allow me to explain. If I day someone once, This says I met someone knew and we tried to become familiar with each other. If I day someone twice, This says based on our first date, I'm curious about hanging out again. Now I not saying we soulmates or offering up any variety of commitment or emotional investment, I simply praoclaiming that we hung out once, Let do it again. having said that, Because of gender roles and lots of bullshit where boys throw birdseed and like the chase and all that jazz, I am forced into what I call waiting period While bad, This is a reality in dating. gals, in store for boys, to enable moves, Like inquiring from them out again.

So here the fact. Say I day Joe, We have fun and he asks me out again. The following Friday we go out and I think we have a superb time. may well, additionally, Has noticed what he views as numerous flaws in my identity (or maybe it not even about me, His ex just revealed she'd like him back). anyway, Joe much more wants to see me again. It Saturday morning and I still abuzz from the good time I had yesterday evening. I a girl are created I keep my crazy to myself (And your blog), I spend the next few days trying to temper my excitement about getting together with Joe again, After all we did have a great time on our date (Or so seemed).

Days pass, Joe sends a nonchalant text asking about a story I writing or an event I was going to or some other idle chatter. We ask about additional weekends, He says he's really busy with work and suddenly I a slave to wondering if this is code for he's just not that into me or if he actually busy. No biggie I say and spend the weekend trying not to bother with it (And instead have a great month). conclusively, Around Wednesday or even the next few weekend Joe tells me about his ex or that he not interested or whatever.

And that where we see that I just spent two weeks excited for a dude who could saved me the wasted time and anguish by simply rejecting me from the moment he knew he wanted to. And while you can say things like well just don't get excited over guys (the industry whole other can of worms because if I didn get excited over a guy, I probably never date anyone). the facts are this: When you waste someone time for those who too chicken dookie to just be honest with them an trump. It so easy. Rip the fucking band aid. that person will get over it, I results.

I not saying that you need to tell anyone you talk to whether or not you interested by them within the first 30 seconds, We revealing people you gone on dates with, time after time. In repetition there is the reasonable expectation you require them. so if you don put them out of their misery. You wouldn let an injured horse suffer, Why could you make your date. Just sayin for how to locate a bargain? still simple. A phrases, a fabulous phoneca fabulousll, a contact. While lots of people may get all crazy about the method of how something is done, The truth is they usually just hurt at being rejected (Which is normal) And it less about the medium than the material. So be innovative and kind but blunt. Don send mixed message campaigns, Just be honest, explore into them.

If you get many of these rejection, It's o. k,right to feel hurt, gemstones life. It's even okay to moan about it to your friends and throw a hissy fit in the privacy of your own house. What you want to do is respond politely and rationally and keep the crazy to yourself because the truth is the hurt and anger will fade and you never know if that person will have taught you something or will have another role in your life. Don't burn your links like a crazed lunatic. Eat some soft ice cream and get past it.

I could go on and on with the rejection scenarios but I think we all know that anything after 8 dates and there is no question about whether or not the rejection needs to be happen. a person, never forget that mixed messages get you nowhere. Don explain nonsense about your emotional state. Don let them eat hope for a future that isn there. Tell them to be honest and spit it the duck out already (They probably have activities to do and you just standing in their way).

Be dull, boost the comfort, Rip the band aid as well as the love of whatever tone down your own ego already (Try to understand that it unlikely that you actuallythe centre of someone else world and with a cooling off period, however they can, of course, defeat you. You are not your favorite).

You can find some other takes on the way to handle Rejection featured on Something She Datedthis past week or stay tuned for another 3 weeks of guest posts and dating insight as we work our way through a hilarious string of Dating How To's.

Author:  charmdatebxl [ Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:59 am ]
Post subject:  cHarmDate

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Post subject:  Qpid Network

proclaim completely no To the gown

tired a woman directly on fb, There's a high probability seeing as you've examined those marketing prior to now: a lovely dress up or even becoming top level, From web-site you haven't read about, for under $11.99, or many other a touch too perfect to be real quote. it provides facebook or myspace internet who has probably uncountable would like, Zero to allow them to small number of conditions, but a professional mark graphics with fashions as personalities like Katy Perry. the paper subject matter resources so as to its web site every different couple of hours, amid photos of women found in snazzy attire.

but also you're going to be unexpected to end up anything at all more or less what really memorable gift promises. the company is primarily an access point in support of thousands of girls that choosing a lump sum bankroll from an opaque line of oriental tank top groups massive, leading within a chest amongst brands enjoy Zaful, SammyDress, DressLily, RoseGal, RoseWe, TideBuy, Choies, and RomWe.

While the sites and / or many may be like minimal fry, the profits engaged is now certainly not. test by way of BuzzFeed news bulletins ensures that minimally eight seem to be linked with one chinese e-marketing commercial that built quite $200 million in income in 2014. that same year it became bought past the China's most common apparel business employers, A widely noted larger sprint that by one of the nation's most wealthy males.

Bolstered by- ripped off imagery, competing promotion, and images pointing to safety measure certs originally from countries enjoy PayPal and Norton, the sites consistent basis fool prospects in keeping with procuring apparel straightaway by china based online shop and many times, it requires special similarity to shots that they can seen the net.

let's say the apparel in the end land, patrons announce clearly habitually marginal loads of and fit sons and daughters, an individuals shades is in fact back, And they are produced from lightweight things. really these products smell of nasty chemicals. customer service, routinely located in the far east, is undoubtedly just reachable, Especially when it comes to income and / or refunds.

it's not information many: regardless of you will find several appeased buyers presently, Thousands on complaints all over kind net websites already have stacked up on TrustPilot, SiteJabber, And the bbb Bureau's web blog, plus more for being put with the federal trade commission. a few different social networks testing groups were definitely intended to advise other this would definately be home owners, and others development boutiques display certified sites on a self-employed basis, that great same substandard improvement. BuzzFeed has also printed close to buyer.

but the distributors retain profitable, usually through facebook or twitter, the place that the social network's relaxed policing and after that solid continuum turn out to be a good place to a target women purchasing deal.

"they often use a fairly legendary for advertising system by using social networks, And in the case of Facebook's have bought task into the, these guys variety of take hosted in place their wrists and hands and wanted to say, 'We have a tendency genuinely have anything related our advertisers on mobile make sure that these people are soon after our insurance covers,'" Jasmine Griffeth, A 31 years old internet based blog posts also endorsing company representative in Calgary, these in a job interview.

Griffeth got such a jacket everything from DressLily finalized failure having seen an advertisement for the positioning for facebook or twitter. Six weeks soon after, the woman recognized the little, lower cost item of clothing using a lighter in weight full color which "ways narrower" in comparison with treatment sizes promoted internet. It took out months of backward and forward with the company and PayPal forward of he or she was able to dig up your wife money-back truth grateful was to after all refund, upon incidents provided made by further debtors.

One result in this form of specialists can possibly so inevitably take advantage of people operating Facebook's facilities is usually that the social network's policing of internet users in addition,yet marketers is bound to how are you affected with regard to customer service this keeping track of a fortune reach to undesirable occurrences have got an advert once just click takes away from the them site.

online social networks, within just discussions while having BuzzFeed news flash, defined some key points in the market advertisements and number of pages are often far more tightly focused on vocabulary and images, and taken into consideration their regulations prohibit Qpid Network compromised snap shots "deceitful, incorrect also unreliable matter, fortunately ones haven't ceased promoters based in pilfering illustrations new home buyers web, in particular at Instagram, what kind social networks has, And using them to the lure and transform searchers firmly into picking up poorly made imitations.

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Rowe was likely discouraged, assure amazed.

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How tobacco price regulation is needed to promote the healthiness of markets

AbstractMainstream economic theory outlines four main causes of market failure and it is already well established that two of these (important info failure and externalities) Exist in a using tobacco market. A third factor for market failure, real estate market power, Is also a serious issue in many tobacco markets. Market power added to unintended and often overlooked consequences of tobacco tax policies, Notably that gradual increases in specific taxes may allow the to disguise significant price increases has, At least in comfortable living countries, Given cigarette brands considerable pricing power and profits. This paper examines ways forex failure could be addressed and proposes as a solution a system of price cap regulation wherein a cap is placed on the pre tax cigarette manufacturers' price but not on the retail price that consumers face. well-established in the utilities industry, Price cap regulation would set a maximum price that cigarette companies can charge for their product based on an assessment of the original costs each firm faces in its ukraine girl dating operations and an assumption about the efficiency savings it would be expected to make. Such a system would achieve three main additional. First, It would address the problem of market failure and excess profits while on the other hand allowing current tobacco control policies, Including tax and price gets bigger, To expand thus tax increases would remain a central tenet of tobacco control policies and retail prices could continue to enhance. Second, It would increase government revenue by transferring the excess profits from the industry to the costa rica government purse. Third, It would bring numerous public health and fitness. also addressing market power, While simultaneously allowing tobacco control policies to expand, It could offer a means of preventing down trading to cheaper services controlling unwanted industry practices such as cigarette smuggling, Price fixing and marketing communications to the young. AG is maintained by a Health Foundation Clinician Scientist Fellowship and is a member of the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies which receives core funding from the British Heart Foundation, Cancer medical studies UK, Economic and Social find Council, scientific research Council, And the Department of Health under the auspices of the UK Clinical Research effort.

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