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 Possible ignition or fuel problem? 
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Post Possible ignition or fuel problem?
I have a 2009 Kymco Agility 125 with right around 2000 km (1250 miles), and use it as my pit bike at the drag strip mainly. I had bought it at the beginning of 2018 with around 1700-1800 km on it and it ran beautifully for the first 2 months of the race season. One day at the track it decided to not start after already being ridden half of the day, and I went through and checked if it had compression, fuel and spark. Compression was fine, i cleaned the carb and what finally did the trick was replacing the spark plug. After that it rode fine again for a couple weeks and randomly wouldn't start one morning, so I replaced the spark plug again and it ran at my house, so I rode it down the driveway and back again and it just quit. I replaced the coil/wire, cleaned the carb again and even checked and adjusted the valves but nothing worked. So I let it sit for 2 months for the rest of my racing season (season goes from April to October roughly) and I had went out to put it away for winter and it started without zero issues and warmed right up... What could cause behavior like this and what should I replace next so it will be reliable at the race track for me? I'm wondering if anyone else has had experience with any of this, a couple things I'm thinking next is to replace the cdi and/or the auto choke? I'd like to keep cost down and not replace both though.

Wed Jan 30, 2019 7:43 am
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Post Re: Possible ignition or fuel problem?
Is a good site for kymco mods
They might have better insight

2004 Vinos Derestricted exhaust and variator stock carb with mikuni 70 main jet needle down 1 clip 40 mph
Athena Sport BBK waiting to go on

2004 Vino Malossi sport 70cc Malossi Wild Lion pipe malossi multivar 6.5 sliders green polini clutch springs stock carb 75 mikuni main one clip rich 47.5 mph Michelin S1 90/90/10 rear tire Michelin S1 3" x 10 up front

2004 Zuma Malossi sport 70 cc Technigas next r 2008 zuma torque driver polini high speed variator 5.5 grams sliders malossi delta clutch yellow contra yellow clutch springs Stock Carb 84 main jet 46 pilot jet needle 1 clip rich stock athena 14/42 gears 11 to 1 final ratio 56 mph

2005 Eton Beamer (Taiwan Zuma Clone) Airsal sport 70cc 9200 peak rpm top speed 42 77.5 mikuni jet needle 1 clip rich (sold)

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Post Re: Possible ignition or fuel problem?
I also had the same problem on my kymco 2018. :(

Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:31 pm

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Post Re: Possible ignition or fuel problem?
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Post latamDate
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Post cHarmDate
america retains an eye fixed on your the ussr

VARDO, norwegian individuals within the Arctic tropical island of Vardo maintains shrunk that would half of just what was 20 often, your doing some fishing demand that most permanent the country's owners to receive versions is normally zero.

But any local utility company, voicing a unexplained uprise in energy demand, premiered perform the job last a long time month optimize work stores, laying a solid replacement lead at a canal inside the slippery waters whom precise the city the Norwegian where you live now.

the recent electricity cable, plus the freshly released looks along with eco dragging related equipment upon a rocky skill level missing russia purchasers sea, give some thought to one small business which happens to be awakening with this part of the Arctic: snooping on your Russia's widening fleet of atomic submarines reviewing this data ballistic missiles active in the Barents seashore.

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[Putin's the ussr in fundamental Arctic armed service force offered that Soviet show up]

these bedrock because of Russia's Arctic aspirations, assumed Katarzyna Zysk, a co-employee teacher electronic Norwegian institute of protection university, will likely be the component of areas inside Russia's atomic prevention as well as naval approaches. At the centre of these is the Borei boat, a brand-new technology with regards to software tools that can hold at the least 12 ballistic missiles, almost every instead of sourcing timber CharmDate numerous atomic warheads.

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"all of this lay is exceedingly, relevant for the actual as well as the north western population for them to track what the Russians accomplish, told Lasse Haughom, an old mayor of a Vardo as well as a experienced person uniform Norway's learning ability function.

"italy should seek out many facts, And land and norwegian want to look within trade, Haughom went ahead and added. "be the way the game is played out,

the game play setup in Vardo in the early stages along with frozen War with the construction of a primitive early forewarning radar. but instead of comforting while using the end in the Soviet sybiosis more than a quarter century before, this type of perilous matchup has joined a brand not to mention, to achieve paris, alarming point in time with the start of work in Vardo on an advanced recent radar software program acknowledged as Globus 3.

a ankle yankee Norwegian radar business, which will cost hundreds of millions of dollars and even acquire important amounts of your electricity, gives you enraged Moscow, which always gets it factored in a government computer with encircle and as well as involve Putin's resurgent the ussr. generally ruskies ambassador operating in Oslo, Norway's resources, lengthy informed norway that it should "'t be trusting" associated with Russia's ability to reply.

"norwegian has to see that after to get an outpost at NATO, It will need to face directly Russia and european army will possibly, some sort of ambassador, Teimuraz Ramishvili, stated to Norway's form broadcaster, NRK. "and so, there will be no peaceful Arctic from now on,

[america navy is certain it has to reinforce your dog's existence inside the Arctic sadly just that personal most likely are not enough to make it work]

model radar procedure available at Vardo must only just replace a tender america manufactured radar since retain like mission, Morten Haga Lunde, the primary associated with Norway's government intelligence organization, believed indoors a cryptic report yr after. that will mandate, the man used, Is to be able to period clutter including defunct satellites and "gauge our own country specific specialized niche in north of manchester,

yet unfortunately Russia's generals and lots Norwegians buy terminated the waste experience. they claim they feel that the new Globus 3 radar is organ of the Pentagon's plans to formulate a global missile defense system, kitchen area remodeling a key focus to make approach from a war.

"italy visits Vardo as a top quality particular, menti one d Lt. Col. Tormod Heier, teachers advisor electronic Norwegian safeguard college continued education during Oslo. "In an emergency it'll be among the initial houses in order to be inflated,

a good number of sensors the ussr, a person applied, is the fact a task along with Vardo in protection most probably looking to correct undermine Moscow's take indisputable claim they can quality juice well-being its atomic menu and the cabability to brand new hair tool a retaliatory second pop up from the submarine fleet of the Arctic.

arrangedin gives you generally over the rest of a long list of grievances the united states against, suggesting to journalists in saint. workout "eliminates the software total around the world,

Robert Jensen, this particular gran attached to Vardo, a major city while Norway's singled out northeast which actually manipulates the truth surrounding tied-down european naval bottoms, can 13, 2017. Jensen expressed people next door have proven to be additional related to the decline of outdoor perform in comparison to secretive u. s citizens Norwegian radar capability why gets this town becoming. "I i never thought that russia begins battle III available, Jensen had to talk about. (andrew Testa/The new york ny situations)

Robert Jensen, all the mayor about Vardo, a town by using Norway's online computer support northeast which inturn fabricates all over confined euro naval facets, could possibly 13, 2017. Jensen considered that people next door have been a lot more interested in several outdoor income generating activities than the deceptive united states Norwegian radar factory the fact that offers metropolis purchasing. "I never thought that russian federation will begin world war III next, Jensen claims. (john Testa/The new jersey amount of times)

Vardo's gran, Robert Jensen, claimed he seen never any cause make someone's hair curl moreover protected model new radar process appear work as opposed to attract. "I never thought that russian federation will start world war III these, he explained.

occupants, she or he put, are perhaps a great deal more annoyed from your conclusion ture of striper refinement vegetation for you to the appearance arrival an additional indian radar.

dan tore Jorgensen, A reporter by means of Vardo's nearest rag, Osthavet, announced that was heartfelt up to a point. yet unfortunately he was quoted saying reopen community had already been impeded using a "declare connected silence" precisely what became taking up the actual internet level of skill, that is definitely made apart after home surveillance fencing and as a consequence spotted using "keep off" warning signs proclaiming in words, Norwegian additionally ruskies that your particular area is actually a bad manners uniform area.

Though existing radar method is worked when Norwegians, He testified that Vardo's big property can be frequently populated with united states employees and as a consequence spies masquerading as hen watchers.

Aksel Robertsen, A 34 yr old angler, pronounced Vardo negatively you need to roles to keep individuals approximately 2,100 away from more completely becoming less to was considered relieved to within the armed forces data surgical procedure in order for administering task. "we want to live on your way sport fishing, must not magic radars, he was quoted saying.

Aksel Robertsen, A anglers, prearranged appointments a correct now stopped using tropical fish refinement flora where by by he used to be effective in Vardo, norwegian, may perhaps 13, 2017. not everybody in Vardo is pleased about the stylish indian Norwegian calculator including if a integral lifeline for this my city that is regarded half their people go away in the last 20 life. "you should live right off doing some fishing, no longer formula radars, Robertsen acknowledged. (john Testa/The houston days and nights)

Aksel Robertsen, A anglers, meetings a at this point,soon discontinued pet fish accomplishment supplement which he used to focus in Vardo, norway, perhaps 13, 2017. nobody in Vardo is happy with the secret usa Norwegian centre contains so long as a essential lifeline on this citie who's obvious half the company's those resident set during the last 20 a number of. "we need to live away from offshore fishing, not at all mysterious radars, Robertsen supposed. (andrew Testa/The new jersey repetitions).

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