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 How should I modify my Zuma? 
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Post How should I modify my Zuma?
I have an 01 Zuma 50. It's bone stock and does around 40 mph. I want to mod my scooter to get more speed. The first thing I plan to do is derestrict it. Does anybody have a good how to video on that? After derestriction I don't know what to do. Looking for advice. I'm willing to spend a couple hundred bucks, but not much more than that. I'm willing to lose a bit of acceleration in order to gain speed. This will be a daily driver so it needs to be reliable. I don't care about legality (I'm willing to use a big bore kit, racing parts, etc.).

Mon Oct 01, 2018 7:28 am
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Post Re: How should I modify my Zuma?
Congratualtions on your upgrade journey

no variator wedding band to remove
Has a exhaust restriction washer only .
How to do it if you are keeping stock exhaust .
You just dremel out the the 2 welds and pop it out with a screwdriver it looks like a flat washer welded in exhaust pipe real close to the end that bolts up to the header.
Now when you put it back on to avoid air leaks I would put anew exhaust gasket in and use permatex goldto help seal it up .
Air leaks are deadly and cause you to run lean
Before you make that move you should have a couple sizes up in carburetor jets .
Other wise you may run lean and cook your scooter .
When i derestricted my Vino's this added about 4 mph top end and acceleration was much improved.

Or just by a new pipe that will match up to the eventual BBK your going to want to put on anyway.

How much money you want to spend and and how much ongoing tinkering do you want to do are 2 very big questions .

Race kits more money more ongoing work.
Sports Kits long life and less money .

I prefer the sport kit path myself and my winter project is upgrading my 2004 zuma with a just ordered malossi bbk I paired it with a wild lion exhaust.

I have had both expansion and standard looking street pipes
I prefer the wider power band and stealthiness of the street pipes .
The race expansion pipes are fun when you have them dialed in really let your engine scream

2004 Vinos Derestricted exhaust and variator stock carb with mikuni 70 main jet needle down 1 clip 40 mph
Athena Sport BBK waiting to go on

2004 Vino Malossi sport 70cc Malossi Wild Lion pipe malossi multivar 6.5 sliders green polini clutch springs stock carb 75 mikuni main one clip rich 47.5 mph Michelin S1 90/90/10 rear tire Michelin S1 3" x 10 up front

2004 Zuma Malossi sport 70 cc Technigas next r 2008 zuma torque driver polini high speed variator 5.5 grams sliders malossi delta clutch yellow contra yellow clutch springs Stock Carb 84 main jet 46 pilot jet needle 1 clip rich stock athena 14/42 gears 11 to 1 final ratio 56 mph

2005 Eton Beamer (Taiwan Zuma Clone) Airsal sport 70cc 9200 peak rpm top speed 42 77.5 mikuni jet needle 1 clip rich (sold)

Tue Oct 02, 2018 6:45 pm
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scooters and mods: 2 2004 Vinos 2004 Zuma
Post Re: How should I modify my Zuma?
Scooter builds
This is my experience with sport kit set ups and the major expenses


Under 50 bucks
derestrict ehaust new gasket permatex and up jets for carb

150-250 bucks
a pipe or sport bbk
I lean toward bbk here if mechanically inclined and could only afford one .

pipe and bbk and now you start upgrading parts of transmision and carb

You can go as far as you want it gets kind of addicting for each little extra improvement.

I just don't tell the wife how much i spend she likes the results we have the same agreement about her victoria's secret spending I like those results .

2004 Vinos Derestricted exhaust and variator stock carb with mikuni 70 main jet needle down 1 clip 40 mph
Athena Sport BBK waiting to go on

2004 Vino Malossi sport 70cc Malossi Wild Lion pipe malossi multivar 6.5 sliders green polini clutch springs stock carb 75 mikuni main one clip rich 47.5 mph Michelin S1 90/90/10 rear tire Michelin S1 3" x 10 up front

2004 Zuma Malossi sport 70 cc Technigas next r 2008 zuma torque driver polini high speed variator 5.5 grams sliders malossi delta clutch yellow contra yellow clutch springs Stock Carb 84 main jet 46 pilot jet needle 1 clip rich stock athena 14/42 gears 11 to 1 final ratio 56 mph

2005 Eton Beamer (Taiwan Zuma Clone) Airsal sport 70cc 9200 peak rpm top speed 42 77.5 mikuni jet needle 1 clip rich (sold)

Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:28 pm

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Post Re: How should I modify my Zuma?
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Wed Aug 28, 2019 1:37 pm

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