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 CODO Zuma 125 Performance Variator Kit 
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Post CODO Zuma 125 Performance Variator Kit

The CODO Zuma 125 Performance Variator Kit is an upgraded CVT component to help increase power and utilize the potential of the motor. This kit comes with everything you need from a brand new variator, drive face, clutch springs, torque spring, weights, and a boss. The stock OEM Yamaha Zuma 125 variator is not designed for optimum performance and can sometimes even limit the amount of power that can be pushed out. Each CODO component is made specifically to match to work together properly. The upgraded variator has a new design that has proper ramp angles for belt leeway. This allows the belt to move up and down at a more optimal rate, making full use of the variator. For the variator, several different weight options are available and come in sets of 3 so you can mix and match to achieve the proper centrifugal force for the right gear change. To obtain the proper take off to speed ratio, the correct combination will be required for your usage of the scooter, your size, and location. These weights do not get installed alone, along with it comes a set of clutch springs and the larger torque spring. These springs have been specifically chosen to match the variator ramp angles and weights to attain speed and torque gains. Be sure to install all components to further your Zuma's performance gains. This kit can access hidden Zuma 125 power up to approximately 10mph gain! Please keep in mind it is recommended to always replace your belt when installing new CVT components like the variator, clutch or secondary pulley.



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Post Re: CODO Zuma 125 Performance Variator Kit
I watched two days of Fox News quote of OWS

I watched Fox News during the daylight hours for two days this week, To see what the orthodox cable shouting channel's "proper news" Programs had to say about the Occupy movement. to. They really don't have much to say of it.

Fox is not normally my heritage noise of choice. When I'm back at home, I have local news manner NY1. at the workplace, It's routinely MSNBC. For two days was quite edifying. I learned somethings!for instance, I learned that basically everyone in Congress is demanding that Eric Holder retire because of connected with Solyndra. Someone on a panel said that the people in Congress demanding Holder's retirement were not most important members of Congress but that person was shouted down because every member of Congress is important, especially when they are providing grist for the Fox faux scandal mill.

I also learned that there's a baby missing, titled Baby Lisa, And that Baby Lisa's mother in all likelihood is responsible, Because Baby Lisa's mother had an online dating profile. I had totally never heard of Baby Lisa before Monday, But Fox covered Baby Lisa more than any other story save the Penn State affliction. The Murdoch tabloid ethos still drives Fox roughly the Ailes political agenda.

And I found that Megyn Kelly and her child take the subway, Which I found slightly hard to imagine.

But here's what I heard of Occupy Wall Street and its related movements across the nation: can be gross.

On wednesday, Most Occupy movement coverage was handled by field reporter Casey Stegall, A mundane, enough handsome local news veteran working out of Fox's Los Angeles bureau. His noon experience referenced "The squalor together with camps, Used quotes from city and police sources totally, And only advertised anti Occupy "Man on the street" stuff. (One lady was disgusted at the use of a futon at Occupy Oakland.)

An hour afterwards on, Stegall returned for another report but additionally same notes: another "Squalid clutter, "Defecating, peeing, And vomiting upon plaza, And more clips of citizens grossed by the dinginess of those squalid hippies in their squalor. Shep mentioned that the demonstrations are against "what gachi call corporate greed, Hunt spoke of reports of TB, merely because "transgression and squalor" Were clearly Fox's discussing points, But Smith's phase was largely fair, If not most definitely sympathetic.

Bret Baier's "outstanding Report" Led with a brief attack on Michael Moore for being fat planning to "earnings potential" Off the exercise, but then it was back to Baby Lisa.

So in a workday's valuation on news, there seemed to be not one actual interview with an occupier, Or even someone remotely sympathetic to the Occupy movement. There was only one mention of what the Occupy movement is supposed to be about, the particular. the was filth and crime.

Much more time was spent dissecting President Obama's ill considered but primarily harmless statement about how America has become "idle" About attracting foreign deal. regarding protesters and multiple beautiful moldova members of the press were arrested. the authorities used tear gas and, apparently, An anti dread "traditional acoustic" firearm. On tues, whereas, Fox was still much more about former Penn State coach and accused child abuser Jerry Sandusky than with the raid and eviction.

"Fox buddys" Did cheer the raid, placing a very Fox "fine RIDDANCE" Chyron on footage of police in Zuccotti Park. They played video of Michael Bloomberg's assertion, and even, usually, Did not counter it with any sort of statement from occupiers or their legal staff.

this also, around, An hour later on. "might be now a legal issue, And as we get more information we'll pass it on to you,

together with 1:00, The vicious Megyn Kelly takes over, And all the news is distributed with an extra dose of sneering. He led by mentioning the court order the city was ignoring, Then went back to Jonathan Hunt, Who taken into account "A marked rise in tensions as we await the judge's ruling, jones: "Protesters and some correspondents, for that matter, say cops were heavy handed here, track down, Trying very hard not to accuse the NYPD of issues they did: "We cannot on his own confirm any of that, Though he did note that the police moved all cameras well from the park.

Smith then hosted an annoying discussion of the legal issues with two Fox lawyers: Arthur Aidala furthermore Rand after thaty Zelin. For two New York criminal attorneys, They're both substantially pro NYPD. Zelin specially was excitedly scaremongering. OWS probably will "Shut down the ny city Criminal Courts system" And the city in total if the judge rules against them, Zelin believed, Repeatedly calling the candidate of civil disobedience "hard, Smith noticed that widespread civil disobedience "Is not a new concept in the states, "never, But it's scary never the less, however, Zelin told the pollsters. Smith brought up anti Vietnam protests, And the segment ended and among the lawyers "kidding" That we must send all the protesters to Guantanamo Bay. Host Neil Cavuto frequently seemed almost annoyed that occupiers weren't violently rioting. He kept hyping the outlook of eventual riots, Even as nothing of the sort materialized. "this tends to not go down well, he said. "this kind of get dicey, He prayed. (He also resulted in South Dakota Rep. Kristi Noem, Who said she thinks Occupiers should somewhat be Occupying the White House.)

in the 4:18, Cavuto generated libertarian commentator Andrew Napolitano, A man who is surely a kook but who is at least a kook with principles beyond naked Republican partisanship. Napolitano refused to criticize OWS at all, Instead attacking the city of New York for requiring private organizations to provide public (Or semi open public) schemes. "Whether that continues to be the case, we'll see, Then legal anaylist mercedes Colwin another defense attorney said "Bravo the judge, due to the fact "It was all about public safety, (If OWS isn't violent, It is approximately still gross.) Cavuto prayed over again for mass arrests, immediately after which it it was on to Fox News' "all of the Five, A panel discussion show so deeply stupid and awful that I cannot bring myself to summarize any item anyone said on it.

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